The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network is eternally grateful for all of the offers and donations that we have received for our staff during this unprecedented time. We have received numerous inquiries from companies looking to donate meals, snacks and other in-kind donations for our staff.

To that end, we’ve set up a new e-mail address,, and a donation form for these offers. Please be patient for a response as our staffing structure continually adjusts to meet the needs of the pandemic, with our priority on serving patients. Below are answers to frequently asked questions that relay additional information about food and in-kind donations.

  • How does the donation process work? If you are looking to donate food or other in-kind donations, use our donation form below to get in contact with a donations operations leader who will work with you to coordinate your donation.
  • Can I donate homemade food or personal products?
    • At this time, we are unable to accept homemade food or personal products (e.g. lotions, etc.). Shelf-stable, individually packaged snacks (e.g. granola bars, chips, trail mix, etc.) are safe alternatives to home-baked treats, and meals may be provided/catered by a licensed vendor.
  • Can I donate meals from a local restaurant?
    • The Rapid Response Fund is the safest, quickest and preferred way to sponsor meals for staff. Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin is currently purchasing meals from local restaurants to provide meals each week. Donors may note “Meals for Staff” in the comment to designate your donation for that purpose.
      • $50 provides meals for five staff members
      • $100 feeds a work group
      • $250 feeds a team
      • $500 feeds a shift
      • $1000 sponsors meals for a floor
    • Food may be prepared by a licensed restaurant/vendor with an up-to-date license and certifications:
      • Wisconsin Department of Agriculture
      • Trade and Consumer Protection Agency
      • ServSafe certification (one or more employees at the location)
    • Food prepackaged into individual servings with utensils is preferred
    • Food temperature should also be logged before and after preparation, right before delivery and upon arrival, with the following in mind:
      • Cold foods must be 41 degrees or lower at delivery
      • Hot foods must minimally be 135 degrees upon arrival
      • Hot foods must have log indicating they reached 165 degrees for 15 seconds
      • Hot foods must have log that they maintained 135 degrees prior to transport
      • Restaurant/vendor should emphasize need to consume product or refrigerate product immediately to staff
    • Delivery provided by restaurants/vendors
  • What is an in-kind donation? In-kind donations may include items such as gift baskets and gratitude signs. If your donation isn’t food, it can usually be thought of as an in-kind donation. If you’re wondering about your donation, send any questions to the e-mail address.
  • Can I choose what unit my donation goes to? Yes, however, the donations operations leader may redirect your donation if the specified unit is already receiving donations.
  • What hospitals and health centers can I donate to? You may ask to donate to all of the Froedtert & MCW health network locations in operation at the time of donation.
  • Are donations tax deductible? Yes, we can provide donors with donation receipts upon request. View tax exemption documents for the organization.
  • Can I make a monetary donation? Yes, if you’re looking to make a monetary donation, please refer to our newly established Rapid Response Fund. All donations to this fund are put toward supportive services for our staff and their families.
  • Can I get a picture of my donation being distributed? Due to the overwhelming amount of food donations we’re receiving, combined with social distancing measures, we are not able to honor requests for photographing or filming the distribution of food at this time.
  • Can I help distribute the donation? For the safety of donors, patients and staff, we are unable to accommodate donor distribution at this time.

We understand that everybody has been affected one way or another due to COVID-19. Thank you for taking the time and effort to think about donating to our front-line staff during these trying times.

This article was originally published on April 10, 2020.

Donation Form

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