OSHA's plan for workplace safety has several key areas designed to improve working conditions for employees across the country. 

These initiatives include:

Strengthening Enforcement 

OSHA will strengthen enforcement efforts through an increased number of inspections and citations issued for workplace violations. OSHA also plans to increase its use of their subpoena powers during their initial investigations. These changes will help OSHA ensure employers take appropriate measures to keep their workers safe and healthy.

Targeting High-Risk Industries

OSHA plans to target high-risk industries, such as construction and manufacturing, to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in these sectors.

Emphasizing Prevention

Placing a greater emphasis on the prevention of injuries, OSHA is encouraging employers to identify and address potential hazards before they result in injuries or illnesses.

Improving Data Collection

Improved data collection efforts will allow OSHA to better track workplace injuries and illnesses. This will help OSHA identify trends and areas for improvement in workplace safety. The OSHA 300 and 301A report will be the driving indicators in this.

Learn more about these and other safety measures at www.osha.gov.

Greg Raethke
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