For Viry Gomez, of Pewaukee, Community Memorial Hospital (Froedtert Menononee Falls Hospital) is the setting of many happy family memories.

Viry, 33, chose to give birth to three of her four children there, including the family’s newest addition, a son named Ilai, in early December.

Because Viry has endocrine conditions that include thyroid disease, her pregnancy was considered high risk. Dr. Rajchel co-managed her care with endocrinologist Beth Lalande, MD, and nurse practitioner Jennifer Schaeve, MSN, APNP, providers at the North Hills Health Center in Menomonee Falls, as well as the maternal fetal medicine specialists. Specialists in maternal fetal medicine, known formerly as perinatology, receive extra training in high-risk pregnancies.

“A pregnancy may be considered high risk for a range of reasons,” said Leah Witte, BSN, RN, maternal fetal coordinator. “It may be that the woman will be 35 or older at the time of delivery, has a pre-existing medical condition like high blood pressure or develops a new medical condition during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes.”

Viry visited the hospital regularly for ultrasounds to monitor her baby’s development in utero. Sonographers in maternal fetal medicine perform the ultrasounds, which are then reviewed by a physician on the maternal fetal medicine team, Witte said.

Viry likes that the hospital offers this level of expertise, given that the location is relatively close to home.

After welcoming three babies at the ospital, Viry is wowed by the personal attention there and recommends her doctors to friends. “I love that hospital,” she said. “Every nurse, every doctor and all of the staff are so kind.”

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