My spouse and I have a New Year’s tradition we’ve been doing for the last 30-plus years, and I would like to share it.

Three CanclesWe find a church that has a New Year's Eve service that goes for about an hour. We try to get there early and just sit, and I mean totally relax and review the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, of the past year. During that time, I say a personal prayer thanking the Lord for another year on earth and also asking Him to guide me through the next year. I put all my anxiety or cares on Him and ask Him to use me for His purpose the following year, as I enjoy this temporary life on earth to its fullest.

I find that I have a lot of comfort and peace that evening as I start the New Year. After the church service, we do everything from meeting friends, to spending the evening with our children, to dining out or just going home — but the activity is always relaxing. I have been finding in recent years it has been harder to find a New Year’s evening service, so I plan ahead and enjoy the beauty of these churches along with the message from the clergy.

What is your New Year's tradition?

A blessed, happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters affected by cancer!

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Jack Henning was born and raised in Milwaukee. Like many youths in the 1960s, he had a paper route and worked part-time while in high school. He has worked in sales for Sears, Bear Automotive and Prudential Insurance Co., and worked with the Milwaukee County Transit System in the distribution of parts. He is currently self-employed and does commercial locksmithing and small engine repair. He has been married for 33 years and has two sons. He had been in good to excellent health until the summer of 2014 when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer that involved other organs. He is working on getting his health and lifestyle back to where it was.