As I look toward the end of the year and the start of a New Year, it is a time to say "thanks" to all the people who helped me during my illness: my spouse, the close friends, neighbors, clergy and my medical team.

New Year's Party HatsLet’s start the New Year with the knowledge that this cancer or illness — that was or is in our body — no longer is in control of our lives, but that we and our medical teams are in charge, and we have bigger interests in life to pursue. This cancer was a bump in the road — and yes, a big bump — but we are going to grow stronger from it. A person can look back at this sickness as giving one a deeper understanding and respect for the gift of life.

I’ve enjoyed reading the "Together, We Are Strong" website, hearing from the different bloggers on how they all handled their different types of cancer and seeing how they talked about it from the heart. Two things they all shared were a positive attitude and a big smile.

As I look forward to next year, this is also a time to look back at this year and see the missed opportunities I had to enjoy life to the fullest. There are so many opportunities in this physical life to enjoy, so start planning your interests or activities for next year — such as traveling, exercise, reading, cooking or taking some classes on self-improvement.

Above all, enjoy to the fullest this physical life with which the Lord has blessed you.

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Jack Henning was born and raised in Milwaukee. Like many youths in the 1960s, he had a paper route and worked part-time while in high school. He has worked in sales for Sears, Bear Automotive and Prudential Insurance Co., and worked with the Milwaukee County Transit System in the distribution of parts. He is currently self-employed and does commercial locksmithing and small engine repair. He has been married for 33 years and has two sons. He had been in good to excellent health until the summer of 2014 when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer that involved other organs. He is working on getting his health and lifestyle back to where it was.

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Thank you to all of our bloggers and readers for a wonderful year. We've enjoyed participating in this community and watching it grow. We wish everyone health and happiness in the new year!



Marilyn Linde

You are so right Jack. I have kept Psalm 121 in front of me through the journey. Part of that Psalm says "My help comes from the Lord... He will not let your foot slip...The Lord will watc over your coming and going both now and forevermore." It is in His hands. I have faith God will see me through with a smile and positive attitude.

Kathy Bornheimer

I too ,agree that faith and spirituality has helped me and others get through all of this. Several (including myself) are going through a long healing process or a recurrence of cancer.Sometimes you just need to turn it over to God.


I hold my future in the hands of the Lord. I do not know yet what he wants me to do. I look forward to his plan being unveiled to me.