Why me? Have you ever asked that question of yourself when diagnosed with cancer? In a particular context that could mean oh, poor me. Let’s put that on hold for a minute.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 I attended the 7th Annual Sarcoma Day Event held at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I attend for several reasons; First, it is well planned with good speakers and updates in Sarcoma research. Second, there are sundry good breakout groups. Third, I get to visit with friends who are fellow survivors. The problem this year, is I didn’t get to visit with John or Jamie or Barry and others. They were not at the Sarcoma Day Event because they lost their battle to cancer.

It was at that point I asked myself, "Why Me?" Good question, different context.

"Why Me?" Perhaps I’ve been given a lease on life to perform a different mission. Maybe it’s to write this blog. Maybe it’s to lend support to those battling cancer. Maybe it’s to use my platform to seek funding for Sarcoma research funds. Maybe it’s to just listen to a cancer friend in need.

So, I ask myself, “Why Me?"

— Joe

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About the Author

Joe Vitale was born on a mini-farm in Waukesha County to Italian immigrant parents in 1938, and spent most of his life in and around Waukesha. He attended Catholic schools in the city, graduating from Catholic Memorial High School, and went to Carroll College in his undergraduate years. He had a career in education that spanned nearly four decades, starting out as a teacher and, after postgraduate work, becoming an administrator in the School District of Waukesha. He was a curriculum director in environmental education and later a principal. He was diagnosed in 2007 with myxofibrosarcoma. "My good fortune of being cancer free has helped me realize how fragile we are," Joe says. "The past five years I have been actively involved with the Sarcoma Support group, now the Cancer Support Group and the Sarcoma Event Day ... I have been extremely fortunate with my outcome and hence the time to pay back."