With a successful back surgery behind him, Pat Horne, of Menomonee Falls, was concerned when he developed new low back pain. And when the pain moved down to his lower right leg, it became severe enough to negatively impact his quality of life.

Pat contacted his back surgeon, Marjorie Wang, MD, neurosurgeon and Medical College of Wisconsin faculty member. Dr. Wang evaluated him and noted some nerve root irritation. She counseled Pat about treatment options and referred him to a colleague in the Froedtert & MCW SpineCare Program. That’s where he met Jeffrey King, DC, MS, chiropractor and MCW faculty member.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SpineCare Program had begun telehealth visits. Pat was skeptical.

“I couldn’t imagine how chiropractic care could work remotely,” he said. “But I was willing to try anything.” His first visit was April 14. After a virtual assessment, Dr. King taught Pat exercises.

“The first goal was to make him more comfortable in this situation,” Dr. King said.

By his April 17 visit, Pat reported significant pain relief. “I couldn’t believe I was doing that well after just three days,” he said.

On his third visit, April 22, his leg symptoms were gone, but he still had low back discomfort, so Dr. King taught Pat exercises to build his strength. By his last visit on May 1, his symptoms were gone.

“I couldn’t believe how well treatment worked,” Pat said. “Dr. King is excellent. He showed me the exercises and made sure I could do them correctly. I’m now pain free, which is incredible. I’m so grateful to the Froedtert & MCW team. Every person I’ve ever interacted with has been great.”

Dr. King also has high praise for the SpineCare team and for Pat.

“He was extremely motivated to get better and was willing to do his exercises,” Dr. King said. “As for our team, Pat’s first virtual visit was only two weeks into the pandemic. I’m proud our SpineCare team was able to pivot quickly and continue to provide specialized care to our patients.”

Pat’s care demonstrates that back pain doesn’t always require surgery. The SpineCare Program team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, neurosurgeons and chiropractors work together to provide outstanding care to every patient every time — even virtually.