In addition to stroke, our physicians, nurses and staff provide specialized care for a variety of conditions, even the most complex. Those conditions may include the following:

  • Brain aneurysm (cerebral aneurysm) — A bulging, weakened area in the wall of an artery in the head.
  • Arteriovenous malformations (AVM) of the brain and spine — A group of blood vessels that forms incorrectly.
  • Fistulas — An irregular connection between an artery and a vein, including dural arteriovenous fistula (dAVF) and cavernous-carotid fistulas (CCFs).
  • Stenosis — A narrowing of the head and neck arteries often caused by atherosclerosis.
  • Moyamoya disease — A progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.

Learn more about diagnosing and treating neurovascular conditions.

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