Making organ transplant available to as many adult recipients as possible is a priority for the Transplant Center team at Froedtert Hospital. That’s why we have put a strong clinical emphasis on excellence in live organ donation.

Our Transplant Center is a joint program of Children’s Wisconsin and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Froedtert Hospital with vital support by Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin for tissue typing and research initiatives. Representing the most comprehensive pediatric and adult transplant care in Wisconsin, the program is recognized for nationally ranked outcomes, internationally known transplant specialists and end-stage disease management: a critical resource for Wisconsin and beyond.

About 5,000 living donations take place each year across the United States. About a quarter of these donations are made to someone the donor does not even know! Living donation increases the pool of organ donors throughout the country and, in most cases, boosts outcomes for the recipients.

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