#MyWI — Caryn Esten, MBA, MS, chief transformation and integration officer

I would say my personal mission as it relates to this combination has been to put my heart and soul into the work, to represent a future organization that can deliver exceptional care to the state of Wisconsin and beyond. 

My "why" — I am a lifelong Wisconsin resident, and I have been very invested myself — in our communities, in the state, and I think it's exceptionally exciting to have two really strong organizations come together in this way and be able to provide academic care, community-based care to the entire state. 

We will be part of something bigger, and I think that creates the starting point for two organizations that were previously distinct to start to begin building those bridges and relationships, learning about each other and doing the work that we've always done exceptionally well — care for patients — and then use that as again a springboard to be able to extend our reach, serve a broader community and create a workplace that people want to work in.