#MyWI — Mark Thompson, MBA, chief transformational investments officer

My "why" has always been rooted in not-for-profit health. They're governed by community leaders, and this combined organization is going to have community leaders, and we can focus on a long-term solutions such as population health or value-based care. 

Both organizations recognize that health care, the current health care delivery system is not sustainable. It needs to be reinvented. We are both committed to reinventing health care — making health care easier — not only for our our caregivers, but more importantly for our patients. 

The Midwest work ethic is kind of amazing. When health care is still delivered, people taking care of people. 

Folks have embraced me. They've embraced my family. We've gotten used to the great summers, from a weather perspective. I'm still adjusting to the hard winters — even after six years, but it's coming back to people taking care of people. 

The term "Wisconsin nice," I didn't understand it at the beginning. I do understand it now. I do understand it now, and that's a good thing.