#MyWI — Paul Van Den Heuvel, JD, chief legal officer

People who grew up in the Fox Valley — and I'm one of them — know the story. ThedaCare has this incredible history in which it was begun with the contribution of one of the Kimberly Clark family members who unfortunately passed away in birth, but had enough of of a vision to ultimately understand that there was a need for hospital-based care and nursing care in the Neenah community, and that has since grown. 

There really is a very significant community focus on service. This combination is very important for Wisconsin given the way health care has changed now over the last 10 to 15 years. So many organizations are being acquired by out-of-state companies, and this is important for Wisconsin in that we maintain health care leadership here, health care ownership in the form of nonprofit health care and a focus on serving our communities and patients. Live and breathe healthcare, and it's not just a nine-to-five job. 

And that's our "why" because we're impacting people in a very positive way. We're impacting communities that we serve. We're impacting employers. That is my personal "why," and I know that's the personal why for my colleagues.