Living With an Artificial Heart: Prince's Journey

With his heart and lungs failing, Prince Ashford opted for an innovative treatment performed by our team of cardiothoracic surgeons to give him time to await a heart transplant. After traveling the country to find a team of physicians to take on his care, Prince found a team of experts at Froedtert Hospital who had the skill to meet the challenge. Faced with needing a heart and lung transplant our team opted to perform a combined pulmonary thromboendarectomy (PTE) and total artificial heart (TAH) implant surgical procedure. The PTE reversed the damage in his lungs, removing the need for a lung transplant, and the implanted TAH gave Prince more time to wait for a donor heart to become available. This is his journey. Learn more about our comprehensive range of heart and vascular services at

Since posting this video, Prince has passed away. We extend our condolences to his family, his friends, his dedicated care team and all who were inspired by his journey. After talking with Prince’s family, we have agreed to keep this video published as a tribute to Prince and his courageous battle.

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