#MyWI — Thomas Arquilla, MBA, JD, chief growth officer

This combination is really important for the state of Wisconsin, the people of Wisconsin. And it impacts my "why" of why I do this work. 

Health care for me my entire life has been a vocation. And that vocation, or calling, to health care ultimately is about service — service to the patients and service to the community. And the shining light about this combination is exactly that. It's really about the communities we serve and the patients that we take care of. 

The specialists here need access to an academic medical center in which case that's what Froedtert and the Medical College really are. And when you take the Medical College with Froedtert together as an academic medical center, and you combine them with the specialists and the primary care physicians we have here, the care for the community will continue to go up dramatically even though independently we are both top decile performers with respect to quality.