Virtual Visit Options (Bradley Crotty, MD): Every Day Health 2023

Many doctors offer virtual care options, which means you can get the care you need without going to the clinic. Bradley Crotty, MD, family medicine physician with the Froedtert & MCW health network, explains what virtual care is and the types of care you can receive in a Froedtert & MCW virtual visit appointment. Dr. Crotty also explains the difference between on-demand and scheduled virtual visits — both available via the Froedtert & MCW app.

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit is a live, interactive visit with a doctor. It just happens to be done through a device — usually from your living room or from wherever you happen to be, rather than driving into the clinic. It's a convenient and secure way to get the care you need.

Which types of appointments can be done with a virtual visit?

It really surprises people, but really a lot can be done through a virtual visit — anything from an acute issue, like a respiratory virus or any other condition that's mild, all the way to chronic care management — diabetes, high blood pressure, specialty care, even annual wellness visits. If you're not certain whether your condition can be seen virtually, just ask your office.

Are there different types of virtual visits available?

There are two main kinds. One is an on-demand virtual visit which runs like a virtual urgent care — seven days a week, extended hours. Another is a scheduled virtual visit with your own doctor or care team member. Both are available to new and existing patients and can be done easily through the Froedtert & MCW mobile app.