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"One-size-fits-all" is not your business model. Neither should the health care you provide to your team. Workforce Health can configure solutions to meet your needs and deliver added value, giving you the total health care package.

As your ally in health care, we offer more solutions to meet your needs.

We work to understand the needs of each client and create a personalized suite of services to address health and business goals. The strength of an academic medicine health system brings unique cost-management solutions closer to your business. Your advantage is our connection to academic medicine.

Workforce Health custom solutions can include:

  • Executive health screening
  • Pharmacy services
  • Disease management
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Voice health program
  • Specialty care
  • Virtual visits
  • Exceedent Health Plan, a third-party administrator
  • Value-based payment programs

Innovative employers know that offering affordable, convenient care will attract, engage and retain top talent. It’s also the best way to keep them healthy. Bending the trend on health care is the smart choice and is what is possible with Workforce Health. Call 414-777-3414 today.

Pandemic Resources for Employers

We are here to help you understand the guidelines and regulations that will keep your employees healthy and your business safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employer COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

As COVID-19 vaccinations are being made available, stay connected to Workforce Health for up-to-date information and how we are here to help.

Workforce Health Client Testimonials

Hear our clients explain why Workforce Health adds value to their organizations — improving employee health and efficiency.

Featured client organizations include:

  • City of Milwaukee
  • City of Wauwatosa
  • David J. Frank Landscaping
  • Greenfield School District