Coaching SessionWe offer several ways for you to help your employees make healthy choices.

Health Appraisals

Health appraisal events give your employees the opportunity to learn more about their baseline health through a health history and biometric screening. The personalized and confidential report each employee receives can help them identify their health risks and suggestions that will help them to manage their health. Your organization can design health activities and programs based on the aggregated report about the health and wellness trends of your workforce.

Wellness Programs

We will customize wellness programs and coaching services for your workforce. We can create a comprehensive package or select specific activities to integrate with your existing program.

Presentations. With a library of over 50 research-based presentations, our experts can engage and inform your workforce in body mechanics, disease prevention, wellness, nutrition and physical activity. You choose the specific topics based on the wellness trends and priorities of your workforce. Here is just a sample of some presentations we offer.

Health Fairs and Company Events. Interactive booths staffed by health care experts educate and motivate your employees into make healthy lifestyle changes.

Health Screenings. Detect early health risks and measure a person’s overall health and provide health education based on screening results.

Immunizations. Protect your employees from the flu with preventive vaccinations.

Nutrition and Weight Management. Learn healthy eating habits and skills to maintain optimum weight from our dietitians and exercise physiologists.

Fitness. Improve workforce health with a full range of programs available.

Health Psychology Programs. Target the emotional needs of your employees, from stress management to sleep.

Tobacco Education. Assess, educate, and counsel your workforce to break free from tobacco.

Chair Massage. Provide massages for your employees.

Ergonomics and Stretch Breaks. Improve office ergonomics.

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