Your needs, goals and corporate culture provide the basis for how we customize our Workforce Health services and delivery model for you. We design our services to be convenient, we support internal promotion to increase engagement and we share reports that guide your organization’s health and wellness strategies. Your employees receive the highest level of care and service resulting in employees who are both healthier and satisfied.


Workforce Health provides the most comprehensive health management services including health appraisals, education programs, health coaching and on-site clinic services. Additionally, we can provide comprehensive occupational medicine services from pre-employment testing to work injury prevention, acute care, follow-up care, and return to work. Partnering with Workforce Health gives your company end-to-end care for all of your employees throughout their employment with your company.

Effective Outcomes

Services we integrate with your company will be evaluated and reported upon for effectiveness. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in controlling health costs while improving the health and productivity of their workforce. The relationships built between your workforce and our experienced health coaches who understand the psychology of behavior change will yield immediate and long-term results. You’ll see results ranging from improved perception of the workplace, to biometric improvements and to improved health of total population.

Premiere Health Network Connection

Workforce Health is the only wellness program in eastern Wisconsin backed by the capabilities of an academic medical center, providing your employees with the innovation and advancement in individual patient care that only academic medicine can provide. We are uniquely positioned to affect the health status of employees across the continuum of care as a major health care provider in southeast Wisconsin.

To bring the best health and wellness programs to your company, begin your partnership with Workforce Health by calling our team at 414-777-0515 today.

A healthy workforce means a healthy bottom line.

Workforce Health improves your employees’ health and productivity while controlling health care costs.

Wellness Programs & Health Appraisals

Engage your employees in understanding more about their own health. Learn what the collective wellness trends are for your organization.

Health Coaching

To inspire lasting changes, our experts will be health coaches for your workers, developing goals and sharing strategies to help each person achieve wellness.

Workplace Clinics

Bringing health care services to your workforce — offering convenience and expertise — to keep them healthy.

Occupational Health

Hire well, train well, heal well, engage well — occupational health can help across the spectrum.

Why Workforce Health

We listen. We build a program to match your needs. How do we know? Our clients tell the story best.

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