Workforce Health is your partner in promoting workplace health and safety, with a full range of occupational medicine services available to your organization. With Workforce Health, you choose the scope and types of services needed. Our comprehensive occupational rehabilitation program is an important link between the initial acute work injury management and return to work.

Choose to send your employees to one of our occupational medicine clinics or bring occupational health or primary care services to your organization through a Workforce Health on-site clinic.

Contract with Workforce Health for all of your occupational health services by contacting us or calling today 414-777-3414.

Resources for Employees or Job Screening Candidates

Under the supervision of our medical director, our occupational health services provide you with the expertise that assures your employees join the workforce with the necessary abilities and will remain safe on the job. From job design to hiring to care and return, Workforce Health helps you manage all your occupational health needs.

Occupational Health Services provides:

  • Centralized call center, scheduling, reporting and care management
  • Dedicated team of physicians and advanced practice providers
  • Individualized care plans that provide the best solution, accessing specialty resources when needed in the most cost-effective manner with a focus on safely returning to work
    • Acute work injury treatment — coming soon to the Occupational Medicine Clinic in Manitowoc
    • Follow-up care — coming soon to the Occupational Medicine Clinic in Manitowoc
    • Rehabilitation services, only as needed
    • Specialty referrals, only as needed
  • Extensive clinical experience in work injury and workers’ compensation claims management  
  • Preplacement evaluations, including physical exams, ability testing and musculoskeletal assessments conducting by recreating activities that represent the physical demands of jobs, such as:
    • Material handling (conveyor, dollies, carts)
    • Construction trades (hand and power tools, shoveling, drywall application, carpentry, electrical, plumbing)
    • Production/manufacturing (small parts assembly)
    • Mechanical
  • Drug testing: lab-based urine, rapid urine, oral saliva, drug testing, available at your site 24/7
  • Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, immunizations and tuberculosis (TB) testing
  • Regulatory requirement evaluations, such as:
  • OSHA medical surveillance testing for hearing, lung function, vision and respiratory mask-fitting

National Association of Occupational Health Professionals Certification

The National Association of Occupational Health Professionals recognized the Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health program for its “OUTSTANDING Compliance to the NAOHP Best Practice Standards, achieving a three-year Certification.” It recognizes programs that are consistent with best practices and criteria of the occupational health industry, assures that every required standard is a routine practice and assures uniformity among staff and clinics.

Occupational Medicine Clinic Video Tour

Clinic Locations

All Workforce Health Occupational Medicine Clinics are open Monday through Friday.

For hours or to make an appointment, call one of the locations below.

Virtual Visits Are Available

Safe and convenient virtual visits by video let you get the care you need via a mobile device, tablet or computer wherever you are. Our team will first assess your condition over the phone and determine if a virtual visit is appropriate. If an in-person visit is best, we will schedule your appointment at the best location for your visit. To get started, call 262-253-5150.

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Occupational Medicine Expertise

Our team includes physicians and advanced practitioners with experience working with employers and employees.

Jessica Altis PA-C, MPAS
Jessica Altis is a physician assistant dedicated to enhancing the health of workers through preventive medicine, clinical care, disability management, research and education. She is trained in determining the ability of employees to perform work, as well as evaluating the physical, chemical, biological and social environments of the workplace.

Jamie Bonoris, APNP
Jamie is an advanced practice nurse practitioner who is passionate about patient education which she provides during pre-employment physicals and treating work related injuries. When completing physicals, she works with patients to promote injury prevention. When working with patients that have suffered injuries, Jamie enjoys developing a treatment plan with her patients to assist with healing and a safe return to work.

Shaina Farfel, APNP
Shaina is a family nurse practitioner who strives to optimize employee health and wellbeing. She values the safety of all workers, in both the physical environment, as well as the workplace culture. She has extensive training and experience in occupational medicine and primary care. It is her top priority to listen and provide collaborative, comprehensive care to all of her patients.

Shari Fehrenbach, MSN, APNP
Shari is an advanced practice nurse practitioner providing occupational pre-employment physicals and injury care. She listens attentively to the patient, discusses preventive measures that support safety in the work environment and, if necessary, develops a treatment plan together that will facilitate recovery and return to their optimal health in their career. She teaches and partners with patients in the implementation of evidence-based strategies to optimize health.

Jennifer Good, MD
Dr. Good, board-certified in pulmonary and internal medicine, brings over 25 years of inpatient and outpatient medical experience to her role as physician in the occupational medicine clinics. She applies her clinical expertise to evaluating workers and helping them to improve their overall health.

Vickie Jacobs, PA-C
Vickie is a physician assistant with extensive experience in adult medicine with a focus on work related injuries and preplacement evaluations. She partners with the patient in the evaluation and treatment process to facilitate safe and optimal work health.

Ngozi Obi, MD, MPH
Dr. Obi is passionate about improving health outcomes by delivering excellent and timely care to work injuries, in addition to providing preventive health services during worker evaluations. She is trained in occupational medicine, total worker health, general preventive medicine and public health.

Laura Radke, MD
Dr. Radke serves as medical director of Workforce Health Occupational Health Services. She has a distinguished career in occupational medicine, having served in a variety of clinical and leadership roles.

Krista Rogers, MPAS, PA-C
Krista Rogers is a Physician Assistant committed to delivering exceptional occupational medicine services in addition to providing education and preventive care management.

John Serrano, PA-C
John Serrano is a physician assistant focused on evaluating and managing occupational related injuries. He provides pre-placement physicals and wound care, putting the patient first and foremost in his practice. He is trained in musculoskeletal injury care and provides the skill, knowledge, and empathy to achieve the best outcome possible.

Jacklyn Schmid, APNP
Jacklyn Schmid is a nurse practitioner dedicated to managing worker’s compensation injuries. She has an additional focus on treating and helping her patients to manage their acute and chronic conditions across their lifespan. Jacklyn also has extensive experience with pre-employment physicians and CDL certifications.

Michelle Skierka, MSN, APNP, FNP-BC
Michelle is a nurse practitioner dedicated to providing excellent occupational medicine services through clinical care, education, and preventive medicine. Treating all patients with respect and dignity is important to promote optimal healing and wellness. Through a collaborative relationship with the employee and the employer using exceptional communication, she strives to achieve best outcomes for the employee. Her main goal is to assist and guide employees through the process of returning to their full working capacity as soon and safely as possible.

Heather Terranova, APNP
Heather is an advanced practice nurse practitioner dedicated to providing exceptional care to occupational medicine patients at all of our locations. She provides care for work-related injuries and performs employment physicals. She has extensive training in the field of occupational medicine and the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Rich Wesley, MS, PA-C
Rich Wesley is a physician assistant with extensive experience in the treatment of work related injuries. He has specialty training in orthopaedics enhancing his ability to care for workers through preventative medicine, clinical care and decision making, rehabilitation services, and education.

Robert White, MD, MPH
Dr. White is board certified in occupational and environmental medicine, preventive medicine and Public health. He brings over 15 years of experience in the occupational medicine field, along with expertise in primary and urgent care, to his role in the occupational health clinics. Additional certifications in NRCME/DOT and as a Medical Review Officer enhance his experience with workplace wellness.