Getting the right health care as soon as possible can minimize downtime. It can also help manage health care costs. Having on-site or near-site clinic options demonstrate your commitment to employee health.

Bring Health Care to Your Employees

Launching your Workplace Clinic with Froedtert Health Workforce Health will be timely and hassle-free. Our suite of services can be tailored and conveniently delivered to meet the needs of your employees. And when they have unique needs, your Workplace Clinic provider will bring the answers by being connected to the most advanced medicine in the region.

Workforce Health Workplace Clinic solutions provide:

  • Dedicated team of advanced practice providers
  • Local medical director who works hand-in-hand with your clinic team
  • Services tailored to your employee needs
  • Treatment for acute and chronic conditions
    • On-site lab testing and immunizations
    • On-site medication
  • Connection to the only academic health system in eastern Wisconsin
  • Electronic medical records, connecting patients and providers with vital health information

Near-Site Clinic Contracting

When an on-site clinic is not the right solution, expert health care can still be close by. Contracting with our FastCare® clinics as an employee health care option offers easy access while managing health costs without the capital investment. Our expert workforce is available to your workforce at several convenient locations with extended evening and weekend hours.

Innovative employers know that offering affordable, convenient care will attract, engage and retain top talent. It’s also the best way to keep them healthy. Bending the trend on health care is the smart choice and is what is possible with Workforce Health. Call 414-777-3414 today.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first detected in China and is occurring in several countries internationally, including in the United States. Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. If you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, call your health care provider BEFORE visiting a clinic, health center or hospital.

Clinic Locations

Beginning Wednesday, March 25, the Occupational Medicine Clinics will temporarily consolidate services to our Moorland Reserve and North Hills Health Center Occupational Medicine Clinics. These locations open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The closure of a few of our locations is temporary and we will inform our clients when our locations at the Drexel Town Square Health Center in Oak Creek, the Tosa Health Center in Wauwatosa and the West Bend Health Center will return to normal operations.

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