Pulmonary (Lung Care) Services

Pulmonary care services deal with the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases affecting the lungs.

Lung and Respiratory Care Services

Pulmonologists evaluate patients with suspected lung disease by listening to the patient’s history, along with performing a complete evaluation to determine the best possible treatment for the individual.

Common lung diseases treated in pulmonology include:

Respiratory care services include the evaluation and treatment of many types of respiratory problems for inpatients and outpatients. Services include:

  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Spirometry — a standard pulmonary test to measure the amount of air inhaled or exhaled by the lung. It is used to diagnose COPD. It indicates how large your lungs are, how elastic the lung tissue is and how well your airways open and close. 
  • Mechanical ventilation management
  • Bipap
  • Smoking cessation and asthma education
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation and various respiratory treatments. 

The respiratory therapy staff includes registered and certified respiratory therapists.

Pulmonary Clinic Locations