Commitment to Nursing

Nurses make it all possible — every day. At Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, we understand the essential role that nurses play, not only at the bedside, but throughout the hospital. And, we know that our nurses are unmatched in their expertise, education, professionalism and above all, compassion. We wouldn’t be a leading academic medical institution without top-of-the-line nursing care, and we’re proud to say we have it, and more. 

Nursing Awards and Recognitions

In 2006, Froedtert Hospital received Magnet recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Recognition Program®. We also received redesignation of this award in 2011. This designation is a seal of approval for hospitals that earn it and signifies quality patient care and nursing excellence. In our ongoing commitment to excellence, we are currently in the process of applying for re-designation as a Magnet hospital.

Learn more about Magnet recognition and our commitment to nursing excellence in our nursing annual report, "Nursing Excellence — Our Commitment Continues."

To recognize excellence in nursing, Froedtert Hospital and Community Memorial Hospital are DAISY Award Partners, recognizing a selection of nurses with this special honor every quarter. Learn more about the DAISY Award.

Advanced Practice Nurses 

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are important members of the health care team at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Building Relationships

At Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, our high-quality nursing care is based on solid relationships. From the moment they meet, our nurses work to build trusting relationships with the patient and his or her family — whether it’s based on one interaction, a single shift or over the course of a patient’s hospital stay.

We know the foundation for healing starts with this relationship and is built on good communication between the nurse and the patient and his or her family. By working to understand the patient’s goals, needs and concerns, the nurse can better communicate with the rest of the healthcare team, prioritize what needs to be done and tap into the right resources to make it all happen. With this approach, patients are more involved in decisions about their own care and the ultimate result is better patient outcomes.

Even our 7/70 core staffing scheduling supports our relationship-based approach to continuity of care. With the 7/70 schedule, a nurse will work for seven 10-hour days, then be off for seven days. This means patients are more likely to have the same nurse during much of their stay, and less time is spent with nurses and patients starting over getting to know each other.

Nurses at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin believe that patients and their loved ones are at the heart of all we do. Our nurses strive to maximize the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. They provide a caring environment where patients are treated as unique individuals with the utmost respect, care and dignity.

Nursing Qualifications and Skills

What makes our nurses the best of the best is a kind of “perfect storm” of qualifications:

  • Our nurses are well-trained. Many have advance degrees or advance certifications in their specialties and many are active in their professional associations. They are critical thinkers who value lifelong learning, specialty certification and professional development.
  • Our nurses practice in an academic medical center that fosters collaboration, innovation and clinical excellence. They have access to the newest technology and research, putting them on the cutting edge of healthcare.
  • Our nurses strive for continuous improvement in patient outcomes. That means they continually seek better ways to provide care. They question the routine and, through research, develop better ways to provide high-quality patient care.
  • Our nurses care for patients with compassion and respect. They are mothers and sisters, husbands and brothers, and they know what it means to be a patient or have a loved one who’s ill.
  • Our nurses are connected to the community. In addition to their own volunteer commitments, our nurses are involved with numerous hospital-sponsored community healthcare and health education programs.

Nursing care at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin sets the standard for excellence, and anybody who’s been a patient in a hospital knows how important superior nursing is to healing. Our nurses are compassionate, clinically competent and culturally sensitive professionals. They are the pivotal link in delivering consistently excellent patient care. And that’s what makes Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin exceptional.

Learn about Nursing Opportunities

Schools of Nursing

Froedtert Hospital and Community Memorial Hospital offer outstanding opportunities to provide valuable learning experience for Instructors and Students from the Schools of Nursing in the greater Milwaukee area.