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The Healing Garden

In all things of nature there is something marvelous. - Aristotle

At Community Memorial Hospital, we are growing something marvelous right here on our campus. We call it the Healing Garden. With flowers, trees, shrubs, a fountain and more, we’re sure our patients, their families and our staff will find a place for rest, relaxation and recovery. Read on to discover more about the healing effects of nature and our vision for the Healing Garden.

The Healing Effects of Nature

For thousands of years, people have derived health benefits from nature. In the monastery hospitals of the Middle Ages, patient rooms bordered sunlit courtyards of grass, plants and resting places. In ancient Egypt, physicians prescribed long walks in a garden for emotionally troubled patients. In some of the earliest hospitals, patients who were unable to afford care worked the gardens in exchange for treatment. Much to their doctors’ surprise, those patients recovered faster and more fully than their wealthier counterparts who rested in bed all day.

In more recent history, research has helped prove the therapeutic benefit of gardens. In fact, it has been found that surgical patients with views of nature have shorter post-operative stays, take less pain medication and experience fewer complications.

At Community Memorial Hospital, we strongly believe a hospital’s surroundings can positively affect the mood, stress-level and overall well-being of our patients and their families. In fact, clinical studies have found that viewing nature produces positive changes in a patient’s blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension and brain activity. That’s why, with your help, we have created the Healing Garden.

The Healing Garden: Where Hope Grows

The Healing Garden is located on the hospital’s campus and is easily viewed and accessed from the main building as well as the parking lot. The garden is home to trees, plants, flowers, sitting areas, a fountain and other naturally inspiring scenery. In this busy world, it is our hope that the Healing Garden becomes a quiet oasis, a respite and a place of solitude. Not just for our patients, but also for their families and our staff. Quite simply, the Healing Garden is where we can all find reduced stress, increased energy and restored hope.

Help Build Hope

The Healing Garden provides a unique environment of beauty, silence and serenity — the kind that nurtures the body, mind and spirit. It is a place to experience the outdoors as the seasons and world change around us. The garden is a place to think, pray, grieve, hope, give thanks and remember.

If you’d like to help build hope within the Healing Garden, you can do so by making a donation.

Note: The donation form is an Adobe Acrobat Reader document.

You can sponsor one of these elements:

  • Walkway Brick
  • Stepping Stone
  • Bench
  • Tree

The Healing Garden is supported solely by donations. You may make a donation as a memorial or honorarium to a loved one, or simply as a celebration of life and good health. To learn more about helping to build the Healing Garden - and the hope that’s found within - call Community Memorial Foundation at 262.257.3760.


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