Amanda Petrie (Herder)

Amanda Petrie - Pharmacy ResidentPGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident


Wales, WI

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013

PGY1 Residency Location

Froedtert Hospital

PGY1 Rotations

Advanced Heart Failure Clinic, Academia, Pulmonary Clinic, Anticoagulaton Clinic, MTM, Anemia Clinic, Inpatient Cardiology, DITTO/DAART (diabetes teams), Administration and Drug Policy

PGY1 Residency Project

Expanding the role of the pharmacist in cardiology clinic

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

My dream job is to work as an ambulatory pharmacist, managing patients’ medications and building relationships with those patients. I knew that a residency would expand my knowledge and offer me experiences to help me further my career and hopefully help me get my dream job.

What attracted you to Froedtert’s pharmacy residency program?

Froedtert is a progressive hospital, where they are always continuing to build and offer new services. Their pharmacy services have been growing and continue to grow just since I have been here as a fourth year intern. The program also offers many different rotation opportunities and experiences. I feel like after leaving this program, I will be well rounded after getting experience in outpatient, ambulatory services, mail order, inpatient, etc.

Professional interests

Ambulatory care, primary care, cardiology and academia


I recently got married and I have been enjoying cooking and exploring Wauwatosa with my husband. I also have done triathlons and half-marathons. I just joined the Wisconsin Athletic Club, right across the street from Froedtert in hopes to stay in shape this year.

What's your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?

I enjoy a slightly smaller city than Milwaukee, so I end up doing a lot of things in Wauwatosa. I love all of the different restaurants in Wauwatosa: Hawaiian, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, etc, all within walking distance of my house. I also enjoy the bike path in Wauwatosa.