SpineCare Program Patient Story: Elizabeth Buresh

Coordinated Care for Back Pain Makes All the Difference

Elizabeth Buresh of Mequon was a physically active 63-year-old health and fitness instructor at a local college, but the onset of back pain began to slow her down.

Elizabeth, who was a cyclist and swimmer for years, said the pain reached a point where she could no longer do certain swim strokes.

After being referred to a number of clinics for different treatments, Elizabeth sought a second opinion and coordinated care through the SpineCare Program of Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Thorough Assessment

“In addition to assessing her low back pain symptoms, we were able to identify secondary factors that were causing Elizabeth’s back and hip pain and impacting her recovery,” said Diane Braza, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin physiatrist. She also had trochanteric bursitis, an inflammation of the small sacs of fluid (bursae) that lubricate the areas between the hip and the muscles and tendons of the thighs and buttock, as well as a tendon injury.

The SpineCare Program’s team of physicians, chiropractors and therapists worked to improve Elizabeth’s condition through anti-inflammatory medicines to manage the bursitis and rehabilitation for the spine condition and tendon injury.

Taking it Slowly

Elizabeth responded quickly and returned to teaching during her treatment. But one of the most important things she did was heed her team’s advice to take her rehabilitation slowly and follow a structured plan. Difficult for a woman who was always on the go and worked out six days a week before her issues cropped up.

“I did my exercises very, very cautiously, like they told me,” Elizabeth said.

Dr. Braza describes the SpineCare Program’s rehabilitation and wellness model as different specialists all working together for the benefit of the patient.

Back to Activity

Following Dr. Braza’s advice, Elizabeth has not returned to intense cycling, but she continues to lead an active lifestyle.

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