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Effective Treatment Starts with Proper Diagnosis

Your physician may refer you for an in-depth sleep study to understand your sleep concerns better.

Sleep Study imageWhat is a sleep study?

A sleep study, or polysomnography sleep study, is a painless overnight test that helps physicians diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Once you arrive at the Sleep Center, all you will be asked to do is sleep in a comfortable private bedroom. Small sensors will be attached to your body just before you are ready to climb in bed. While you sleep, a trained sleep technologist will monitor your breathing, brainwaves, muscle tone, eye movements, oxygen levels, and other functions via the sensors. In the morning, you can awake at your normal time, shower if you like, and get on with your day as normal.

Other tests may be part of the sleep study

Depending on your needs, your sleep study may also include:

  • Actigraphy – an overnight test for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) sufferers to assess leg movements during the night.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT) or MSLT Sleep Study – a test consisting of a series of several nap sessions to measure how much time it takes to fall asleep.
  • Multiple Wakefulness Testing (MWT) – a test to measure how alert you are during the day.
  • Pulse oximetry – a test to determine the oxygen saturation in your blood.

Daytime sleep study available

Daytime sleep testing is available for third shift workers and others who may prefer this option.

What happens after the sleep study?

One of our sleep medicine specialists will interpret the results of your tests and forward the information to the physician who ordered the tests. Based on your diagnoses, your physician will continue your care and treatment or may refer you to a sleep medicine specialist.

Does insurance cover sleep studies?

Sleep disorders are recognized medical conditions that are covered by most insurance carriers.


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