Executive Health Physical

Executive Health Physical Scheduling

Dr. Gleeson performs executive health physicals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 

To make an appointment, call 414-805-5150 or 800-272-3666. Executive Health Program Medical Assistant, Julie Meddaugh, will ensure the examination addresses your medical needs, schedule the tests that need to be completed and, if necessary, consult with Dr. Gleeson on the testing regimen.

When you make your appointment, we will send you an e-mail asking questions to help us best plan your visit. 

  • You will receive a list of tests. If you have had any recently, you may not need to repeat the test. 
  • You will be asked if you have any special medical issues to discuss, which may require special tests
  • If requested, we will schedule a specialist referral on the same day of your visit (provided the specialist is available)

After scheduling your exam, we will send you a confirmation letter with itinerary and directions, patient instructions, health history form and a map. 

Exam Day Information

You should not eat or drink after 10 p.m. the day before the exam and until after your blood is drawn and your treadmill test is completed. You should also wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes, if you are scheduled for a treadmill. 

On the day of the exam, an escort will meet you at the second floor information desk, located in the Specialty Clinics Building. You will be escorted to all scheduled appointments to save valuable time and make the exam process easier.

The complete executive physical exam—which includes: series of tests and assessments and a 60-75 min medical history and physical examination—is usually completed in five to six hours hours

Referrals to specialists and additional testing, including coronary calcium scans or colonoscopy, are usually done on a different day at the convenience of the patient.

View a sample exam day schedule

Executive Health Physical Test Results

Most tests are completed and the results are available by the time of your physician visit. We consider a discussion of the lab results an important part of helping you better understand your health.

After the entire executive physical is complete, we will send you a report summarizing all of the medical issues you discussed with Dr. Gleeson — your cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes risk assessments and copies and interpretations of all lab results. In addition, if you are referred for other tests or a specialist referral, we will send you copies of those reports when we receive them. In general, the reports are sent out within two weeks of the examination. 

We will send a copy of the exam, all test results and a copy of your exam report to your personal physician only if you ask us to do so.

Additional Services

In addition to the executive health physical, the program also offers additional services tailored to optimizing the health of busy executives.

  • Executive Fitness Program
  • Concierge Consults by the Hour
  • Lifestyle Modification