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The Executive Fitness Program promotes a healthy lifestyle for the high-stress and fast-paced life of executives in the Milwaukee area. Our program offers three levels of service to provide executives with a customized fitness plan based on an extensive evaluation. Programs focus on orthopaedic dysfunction and limitations, exercise planning, stress reduction and sport-specific strengthening.

Professional (Level 1)

The executive will receive an extensive evaluation which includes measurement of flexibility and strength, skin fold body fat measurement and Biodex Isokinetic Strength test. A Certified Athletic Trainer will provide take-home stretching and strengthening exercises. The Certified Athletic Trainer can also provide an orthopaedic injury screening. Cost: $250

All Star (Level 2)

The executive will receive the same services as above plus five follow-up sessions. The Certified Athletic Trainer will also create an exercise plan customized to the executive’s lifestyle. Cost: $450

Hall of Fame (Level 3)

The executive will receive all services provided in the Professional and All Star levels, along with six additional follow-up training sessions, for a total of 12 sessions with a Certified Athletic Trainer. This includes an evaluation, take-home exercises and a customized exercise plan. Cost: $600

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