Conduit to Health Care

Conduit to Health Care

Workforce Health gets results by fostering valuable relationships between employees and clinical experts, serving as the conduit between the worksite and primary care, and introducing evidence-based interventions.

Because our clinicians are at the workplace (in the capacity as a Wellness Coach, delivering a program or embedded as an in-house clinical expert), we naturally develop and foster valuable relationships with your workforce. Employees are often more willing to utilize wellness or health and wellness services from someone they know, and usually these interventional services are more than utilizing a physician. Besides saving money for the employer and employee (no co-pays), there is no lost productivity because employees don’t have to leave the workplace.

For some employees, the connection with an on-site Workforce Health clinician may be the first touch point in seeking health care. In those cases, we will connect them to the appropriate care such as a primary care physician. If they do not have a primary care physician, we try to link them to one, whether they utilize Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin or not.

When our on-site experts, such as a dietitian or Wellness Coach, monitor a health condition, we also are creating a medical record for the employee, which can be accessed by or given to the primary care physician. This record helps the physician get a more accurate health picture of their patient and facilitates better care. It also reduces the risk of duplication of services, thereby reducing health care costs.

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