Open AIRS: Airway Disorders Treatment in Milwaukee, Wis.

“AIRS” is an acronym for allergy/asthma, immunology, respiration and sinus/sleep. The Open AIRS Program provides integrated, comprehensive care to patients with respiratory tract disorders.

No other practice or institution in southeastern Wisconsin offers comprehensive clinical care, research, education, public policy, prevention and community services related to airway disorders. 

The multi-disciplinary team includes physicians and staff from allergy, otolaryngology and pulmonology. This team approach to treating airway disorders ensures patients receive streamlined, coordinated care.

Airway Conditions

The Open AIRS Program provides coordinated care for patients with the following airway conditions.

Treatment of Airway Disorders: What to Expect

Dedicated Scheduling Support for Proper Triaging

Patients requiring coordinated care of airway disorders are scheduled through the Open AIRS Program triage line. A questionnaire is used to help determine the specific needs of the patient. Based on the patient information provided, the appropriate physicians are identified and schedules are coordinated for a consultation.

Proper triaging at the initial discussion ensures patients are being seen by the right physicians to provide the appropriate care.

Multi-Disciplinary Consultation to Provide Extensive Evaluation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to educate the patient and family, perform the necessary evaluations and help develop a treatment plan. After the patient is seen by the appropriate physician(s), treatment recommendations are provided by the multi-disciplinary team and presented to the patient and their family. All services are provided in a central location at the Froedtert Hospital campus for streamlined access to care.

Ongoing Treatment and Resources Through Academic Medicine

The Open AIRS Program offers evaluation and treatment using a multidisciplinary team approach to provide the most coordinated treatment available. It is the only program of its kind in the region backed by the unmatched resources of an academic medical center. Through academic medicine, patients receive access to the latest and most advanced treatment options. Clinical trials are also offered to patients before they are readily available elsewhere.

Multi-Disciplinary AIRS Airway Disorders Treatment Team

Physicians in the Open AIRS Program have subspecialty training in sleep medicine, laryngology, facial plastic surgery and rhinology/sinus surgery – providing patients with the most current and integrated treatment plans available.


Leslie Gimenez, MD


Guarav Dagar, MD

Rose Franco, MD
Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist
Director, Sleep Disorders Program


Todd A. Loehrl, MD
Chief, Division of Rhinology and Sinus Surgery

David Poetker, MD

Sleep Medicine Specialist

Tucker Woodson, MD
Associate Director, Sleep Disorders Program

Collaborative partners include:

Laryngology and Voice Disorders 

Joel Blumin, MD
Chief, Division of Laryngology 

Jonathon Bock, MD

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Sachin Pawar, MD
Nasal Airway Surgeon

John Rhee, MD MPH
Nasal Airway Surgeon