How Telestroke Works: Information for Physicians and Hospitals

Telestroke is rapidly gaining widespread implementation in health care systems due to increasing pressure to integrate health systems and the continued advancements in technology. The use of real-time, 2-way, audio-visual interaction allows immediate connection between the patient, local care team, and a stroke specialist. This 24/7 immediate access to neurovascular expertise can accelerate management.

Telestroke Provides Immediate Connection for Care


Emergency department staff contacts the Froedtert & the Medical College Access Center nurse by phone to activate a Telestroke consult. The on-call stroke neurologist is paged.


The Telestroke cart with secure video camera and monitors is positioned in front of the patient by the local emergency department staff. The Access Center nurse is available to guide the encounter with the team.


The stroke neurologist accesses the bedside camera remotely by computer or mobile device and performs a neurologic exam and reviews the CT images and lab results.


After the evaluation is complete, the stroke neurologist discusses recommendations with the emergency medicine staff and expedites treatment.


For patients needing a higher level of care, Telestroke allows real-time discussion with physicians, patients and families regarding options and decisions. The Access Center can help arrange a facility transfer if required.

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