Neurosurgeons Treating Stroke and Neurovascular Conditions

The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Stroke and Neurovascular Program is staffed by nationally recognized, board-certified physicians. These experts have advanced (fellowship) training in specialties focused on caring for stroke and neurovascular patients to provide leading-edge medical care.

Team members include:

  • Neurologists and neuro-intensivists
  • Interventional neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Emergency medicine specialists
  • Physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation)
  • Rehabilitation specialists with training in stroke

Neurologists and Neuro-Intensivists

Neurologists in the Stroke and Neurovascular Program offer a unique combination of medical expertise and technical knowledge. These specialists participate in national studies for the treatment and prevention of stroke and brain conditions, making the program a leading referral resource for physicians throughout the Midwest. 

The Stroke and Neurovascular Program is one of the few in the state with a Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit (NICU), staffed by full-time, fellowship-trained neuro-intensivists. A neuro-intensivist is responsible for coordinating both the neurological and medical management of the NICU patient in the critical care setting. The neuro-intensivist works closely with an experienced team of nurses, therapists and other health professionals to support the acute needs of patients and minimize further neurological injury and medical complications.

Interventional Neurologists

Interventional neurologists use non-invasive techniques to treat brain aneurysms, open blocked arteries in the brain and remove clots in brain arteries. These procedures are aimed at limiting and possibly reversing neurovascular brain injury. Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin’s board-certified interventional neurologists perform non-invasive procedures to treat neurovascular conditions such as stroke. In some cases, these treatments can extend the treatment time for stroke to 12 hours and beyond.


At Froedtert & the Medical College, one of the most experienced neurosurgery teams in the Midwest offers stroke and neurovascular patients the most advanced surgical options. Patients from throughout the Midwest come to us for aneurysm repair and care of the most complex neurovascular brain conditions.

These physicians, along with many other dedicated staff members, work together to provide a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the rehabilitation of neurovascular patients.

Stroke and Neurovascular Program Physicians

Jeffrey R. Binder, MD

Diane S. Book, MD
Medical Director, Stroke Program

Brian-Fred M. Fitzsimmons, MD

Ann K. Helms, MD

Marc A. Lazzaro, MD
Director, Telestroke Program
Director, Neurointervention Fellowship Training Program

John R. Lynch, MD
Medical Director, Neurointensive Care Unit

John R. McGuire, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Medical Director, Stroke Rehabilitation

Glen A. Pollock, MD

Director of Vascular Neurosurgery

Oksana Sayko, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Grant P. Sinson, MD

Guennady V. Tchekanov, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Daniel J. Worman, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

Sam Zaidat, MD
Chief, Neurointerventional Division
Medical Director, Vascular and Interventional Neurology

Other Staff

Anne C. Hansen, MS
Program Coordinator, Stroke Program