Heart & Vascular Services in Southeastern Wis.

Heart and Vascular services are offered at these locations:

Advanced Heart and Vascular Care

Providing some of the
most innovative treatment
options in the region.

Find a Treatment Team

Team of Heart & Vascular Experts 

Patients benefit from the high volume of procedures performed by our respected team of physicians.

Expertise Near You

Our heart and vascular network provides access to teams of specialists, diagnostic tools and treatment options in multiple locations.

Latest Diagnostic Tools & Techniques

When it comes to uncovering the cause or extent of heart and vascular problems, all of the latest tools and techniques are available to heart and vascular physicians.

Heart & Vascular Research and Clinical Trials

Physicians participate in research studies and clinical trials to provide the latest evidence-based treatment and care. 

Second Opinion Programs

Cardiologists and physicians throughout the region often refer patients to our Center for diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular disease.

Recognized as High Performing

Froedtert Hospital is recognized as high performing for six medical specialties, including cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Patient Stories

Mom, Sherita Smith, is no longer looking at heart transplant after aggressive medical therapy. Read about the multidisciplinary care she received for her complicated heart condition.