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At the Kraemer Cancer Center, part of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Network, patients may rest assured they are receiving the best possible care from physicians who work together through every step of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and follow-up care.

Medical College of Wisconsin cancer specialists work alongside community surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists to make sure you receive the coordinated care you need. Radiation therapists, oncology nurses, dietitians, psycho-oncology specialists, genetic counselors and support service experts are also integral members of the care team. Our physicians and staff have expertise in all types of cancer, and every staff member has years of training and experience in his or her specialized field.

Effective Treatment for your Cancer

Our physicians are here to provide you with treatment that will be optimally effective for your cancer. They know how important it is to work in multidisciplinary teams that approach cancer treatment from many different angles. This means your doctors, nurses and other treatment team members consult each other and collaborate to put together a treatment plan that will work for you as an individual. 

Tumor Boards to Examine Each Case

In fact, specialists from Cancer Network locations interact in “tumor boards” to examine each person’s case carefully. A tumor board is a group of physicians from all specialties involved with treating your cancer, as well as others who specialize in a specific cancer or group of related cancers. This group meets to discuss the details of each case and recommend treatment options that will result in the best possible outcome for each individual.

Benefits of the Cancer Network

Cancer Network physicians collaborate closely with physicians in the community to ensure the most effective and appropriate treatment, as well as continuity of care for each patient:

Patients always have access as needed to additional specialty expertise through the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Network.

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