Current Residents

Learn about our current pharmacy residents’ research projects, why they are pursuing a pharmacy residency, and what attracted them to Froedtert’s pharmacy residency program.

PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residents

PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residents

PGY1 Health-System Administration Residents

PGY2 Critical Care Residents

PGY2 Drug Information Resident

PGY2 Health-System Administration Resident

PGY2 Oncology Residents

Current Residents

Pharmacy Residents

Left to right:
Row 1: Amanda Petrie, Jessica Cowell, Christa Hatch
Row 2: Rachel Finkelstein, Soha Elshaboury, Jory Waldron, Meghann Luc
Row 3: Lindsey Clark, Elizabeth Weil, Amanda Sierzchulski, Elizabeth Dow, Rena Gosser
Row 4: Ryan Szaniawski, Joel Feih, Jodi DeGrote, Brett Van Rossum, Alyssa Ferrie, Rootvij Bhatt
Row 5: Aaron Lorge, Chad Johnson, Jason Jared, Calloway VanEpern, Phillip Olley