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Learn how to reduce your risk of falling in this seven-week workshop.

If you are at risk for falls or are worried about falling, "Stepping On" builds confidence while engaging participants in proven fall prevention strategies. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify fall risk factors in your home and community
  • How to get up safely from a fall
  • Sitting, standing, strength and balance exercises
  • Strategies to help you stay independent and active
  • How footwear, medication and vision can affect your risk for falling

Experts — such as a trained program facilitator, peer leader, physical therapist, a pharmacist, a vision expert and a community safety expert — are part of the curriculum.

Participants will engage in sitting and standing exercises to increase strength and work on balance. You will also learn strategies to help you stay independent and active. The goal of the program is to build confidence in your ability to manage your fall risk.

Is "Stepping On" for You?

"Stepping On" is the perfect program if you:

  • Are age 60 or older
  • Live independently
  • Walk without assistance or with a cane
  • Have fallen or are fearful of falling
  • Do not use a walker — or use a walker outdoors only
  • Are cognitively aware


Contact Kimberly Lombard, program facilitator, by calling 414-805-8744 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Please call 414-777-7700, option 4, to register.

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