Froedtert Health offers a best-of-both worlds choice that is unique in the region, pairing community-based care with the leading medicine of eastern Wisconsin’s only academic medical center, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. Patients and their families get the convenience of a “medical home” close to where they live and work, and if specialty care is needed, connections to the world-class services of an academic medical center.

An Academic-Community Partnership

Froedtert Health has a unique ability to offer the most affordable quality through our community-academic partnership, offering the purchasers of health care the best value. Our combination of more than 30 community clinics, community hospitals and services at the workplace – all connected to an academic medical center – allows us to provide the right care at the right time and place. It also enables coordination of care, which helps us avoid redundant or unnecessary services. 

Why is that important? Because it keeps costs down and leads to the best possible outcomes. And we’re committed to keeping health care affordable without sacrificing quality. 

Delivering Affordable Health Care

  • Bending the cost curve: We work proactively with employers through our Workforce Health Program to lower their health care costs, and we practice our own cost control to lead the market in value. 
  • Recognized for quality: Better quality means less costly care. In publicly reported measures and through recognition that validates those reports, we are consistently cited for excellence. 
  • Committed to our community: By partnering with community and other health care organizations, we expand access to care and honor those we serve.