We understand there are times where patients are not able to afford their hospital bills. The Financial Assistance Program is designed to assist patients in this manner.

Patients who qualify for the program will receive care with no obligation or discounted obligation to pay for services. A simple application may need to be completed in order to apply for the Financial Assistance Program.

Froedtert Health determines eligibility based on income, assets, and family size. The initial eligibility period for financial assistance is six months from the application date. Each patient may need to re-apply at the end of each six-month period in order to continue in the Financial Assistance Program. A new completed application may be required to re-apply.

Qualifying Patients

Financial Assistance may be provided to qualified patients who:

  • Have or will receive medically necessary services at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin locations
  • Have cooperated with the respective hospital in seeking out and applying for other potentially available financial assistance programs.
  • Have exhausted any and all insurance and other available financial assistance programs such as Medicaid or BadgerCare.
  • Lack the financial resources to pay for services rendered at a Froedtert Health entity.

Patients who have insurance or other third party sources of payment for their health care may still qualify for financial assistance for the portion of the hospital bill that may be their own personal obligation to pay. Examples are deductibles and co-payments.

Presumptive Eligibility 

For uninsured patients, Froedtert Health may use information from external sources or other public and private records and data sources in determining whether a patient is eligible for the Financial Assistance Program without completing an application. If Froedtert Health is able to verify eligibility utilizing the external source, a written application is not required. If Froedtert Health is unable to verify eligibility utilizing the external source, additional information may be requested from the patient.

Excluded Services

Please refer to the Financial Assistance policy for a full listing of exclusions.

Financial Assistance Application

Completed applications and supporting documents can be sent to: 

Attn: Financial Assistance Team 
400 Woodland Prime Suite 103 
N74 W12501 Leatherwood Ct 
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-4490 
Fax: 414-777-1503
[email protected]

Patients can also apply for Financial Assistance through MyChart.

Download the Financial Assistance Application

Financial Counselors

Need to speak with a financial counselor regarding prepayments, financial assistance or programs for which you may qualify?

Financial counselors are available to answer your questions regarding programs for which you may qualify for if you are uninsured or underinsured. They can help you determine if you are eligible for financial assistance programs and will provide you with the necessary information to apply for those programs.

Financial counselors are available to assist you via phone and in person, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at 414-805-6206.