For most people, the health needs that arise most often are issues like getting quality sleep, managing to a healthy weight, minimizing stress and anxiety, dealing with back and other types of pain, improving digestive health and other daily needs.

When it comes to everyday health, we believe that you should be able to decide what to do and which products and services to use with confidence and ease. We also believe that this experience should also help you to connect to the health professionals you can trust for your overall care if and when you need care.

Our focus is to provide reliable guidance and a selection of products and services that allow people to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing and to do that in partnership with leading health care providers.


How Vale Health Works With the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network

Vale Health collaborates and consults with the Froedtert & MCW health network in the manner described below to enhance your wellness journey. Think of Vale Health as a bridge connecting you to a simplified and vetted collection of health and wellness solutions.

It starts with Vale Health collaborating and consulting with renowned Froedtert & MCW health professionals for purposes of reviewing and identifying general categories of products to determine if they have enough credibility to help with common health needs. Vale Health then researches the market for the top products in each of those categories and only allows those that meet Vale Health’s standards to be included. In some circumstances, doctors and clinicians also vote on specific products and services and whether to include them. This is more common when products have more clinical claims.

When you choose a product or solution through Vale Health, you're not just accessing a standalone product or solution. The Wellness Marketplace also includes links to so you can more easily connect to healthcare professionals to address your health needs when you need clinical care. This brings you a more seamless and trustworthy wellness experience.

How Vale Health Chooses Products

Our goal is to make it easy for people to find a set of good options to consider when choosing a product or service to address everyday health needs. For products that are most closely tied to clinical care, we rely on the doctors and clinicians of the health systems we work with to give guidance and feedback on which to include. For products that are less clinical (like weighted blankets as an example), we do the heavy lifting by researching the available information for the products and services in the categories we cover to make the selection process easier for our users.

We do that by leaning on the opinions of credible product review websites, the consumers who use the products, and by doing online research into the policies and performance of the companies that make the products.

Review websites: Most categories of products and services have professionals, publications or organizations that evaluate those products and services and recommend which are best to use. We carefully consider the credibility, authority, and independence of a third party when deciding whether to consider their opinion.

User opinion: Many of the products in the categories we cover are reviewed and rated by consumers on online sites. We collect the ratings from online sources and compare those ratings and reviews from users across products and across sites.

Online research: We dig into the details of the issues that matter to people when they purchase consumer products such as safety certifications, privacy policies, warranties, customer support and other category specific qualities. While we do not conduct physical assessments of the products, we look at policies and performance of the manufacturer on issues that are important to the value and safety of the products purchased.

Why Trust Vale Health Instead of Other Options

Vale Health exists as an extension of your trusted relationship with your healthcare provider. While there are many other places to learn about or purchase wellness products, Vale Health is rooted in privacy, avoidance of conflicts of interest, and the need to live up to trust of doctors and the people who use the service.

Source: Ratings from reviews of privacy policies, terms of use, active marketing businesses, and review of live sites. If any organization believes there to be an inaccuracy in the table, please contact [email protected].

Limitations of Reviews

At Vale Health, we strive to provide you with comprehensive and reliable summaries based on the manufacturer’s own information, credible product review websites, and consumer reviews. However, it's crucial to understand the limitations of these reviews and their role in shaping the summary opinions you see on our site.

  1. Limitations of Reviews: While we gather information from both product review websites and consumers to form our summary opinions, these reviews are individual perspectives and may not encompass all possible experiences or scientific accuracy. As such, there might be instances where a summary does not fully capture the entirety or nuances of a product or service.
  2. Accuracy and Validation: We understand the importance of accuracy in decision-making. However, Vale Health cannot guarantee the precision of the underlying reviews. We recommend that you use these summaries as a starting point and conduct your own validation for any claims or information crucial to your decision-making process.
  3. Our Commitment to Vetting: Please be assured that we are committed to vetting the sources of our information rigorously. Our team works diligently to evaluate the credibility of the reviews and reduce the risk of misinformation as much as possible. However, we acknowledge that no vetting process is infallible, and there may be occasional inaccuracies. We encourage people to reach out to us when they find inaccuracies at [email protected] so we can correct them.
  4. User Responsibility: As a user, your discretion is advised when using the information provided by Vale Health. We encourage you to consider multiple sources when making decisions with respect to your wellness journey. The information does not constitute medical advice and is for informational purposes only.
  5. Liability: Neither Vale Health nor the Froedtert & MCW health network are responsible for any inaccuracies in the reviews or the resulting summaries. The responsibility for the final decision rests with you, the user, and we urge you to use the information provided as one of many tools in your decision-making process. (Terms and Conditions)

We appreciate your trust in Vale Health and are dedicated to continually improving our services to better meet your health and wellness needs. If you have any feedback or questions about the information presented on our site, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

The Financial Relationship Between Vale Health and the Froedtert & MCW Health Network With Respect to the Wellness Marketplace

The Froedtert & MCW health network does not receive compensation when you purchase a product on or use the Wellness Marketplace.

However, the Froedtert & MCW health network collaborates and consults with Vale Health to assist in:

  • Identifying general product categories Vale Health should consider including in the service and related standards for identifying such general product categories to be included in the service.
  • Developing a guided experience for individuals.
  • Educating clinicians about the service.
  • Providing information to the broader community about the service.

For the consulting services the Froedtert & MCW health network provides, Vale Health provides compensation to the Froedtert & MCW health network. The Froedtert & MCW health network also has an investment interest in Vale Health and other arrangements with Vale Health, including, without limitation, agreements relating to the use of trademarks.

Vale’s Relationship With Solution Companies

Vale Health may be paid a small fee when you purchase one of the products listed in the Wellness Marketplace. This does not apply to all products. Some of the fees are paid through a relationship with Amazon and others are paid through a direct relationship with the product manufacturer itself.

How Vale Manages Your Privacy

At Vale Health, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Protecting your privacy is a responsibility we take very seriously. We describe how we collect, use and disclose your personal information in our privacy policy. Your trust is the cornerstone of our relationship, and we are dedicated to upholding that trust through our privacy practices. If you have any concerns or questions regarding how we handle your data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer of Medical Advice

The information and products available on the Wellness Marketplace do not constitute medical advice, are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition, and are for informational purposes only. The Wellness Marketplace is not a substitute for seeking medical care or obtaining face-to-face professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a healthcare professional with any questions regarding a medical condition, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional medical advice because of the information or products on the Wellness Marketplace. Consult your own healthcare professionals regarding your medical care. If you have, or feel like you have, a life threatening or medical emergency, do not refer to Vale Health or Wellness Marketplace for guidance. Please contact emergency medical services immediately to receive treatment.