Beginning June 2024: What’s happening?

The Froedtert Hospital expansion project includes a new lobby, patient tower and parking structure. It aims to support growth and transform how we deliver the right care in the right place at the right time to the diverse communities we serve. 

Learn more about the N. 92nd Street and W. Doyne Avenue construction starting June 2024.

Construction Impact

  • N. 92nd Street is down to two lanes.
  • Froedtert Hospital circle drive is closed.
  • Access to Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue is relocated to the corner of N. 92nd Street and W. Doyne Avenue. 
  • Patient drop-off and pick-up is relocated to Level 2 inside Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue.
  • W. Doyne Avenue is closed from N. 92nd Street to the Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue Doyne Avenue structure entrance on W. Doyne Avenue.
  • Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue Doyne Avenue entrance open via N. 87th Street.
  • No thru access on W. Doyne Avenue to N. 92nd Street. 

Other Notes

  • ADA parking in Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue is available on Levels 3, 4, 5.
  • Kathy’s House driveway is now located off of W. Wisconsin Avenue.

Which Street Should I Take?

Choose the best route to Froedtert Hospital based on where you need to go.

N. 92nd Street

Use Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue


Visitors of Inpatients 

  • Froedtert Hospital Units
  • Center for Advanced Care (CFAC) Units

Patients Leaving the Hospital

  • Consider the Discharge Lounge, a comfortable place to wait for your ride with designated parking at Door 6. Ask your care team for more details.

EMS Services 

  • Emergency/critical: use Ambulance Bay 
  • Non-emergency/ non-critical: use Door 6 

Pharmacy — Froedtert Hospital 

  • N. 92nd Street Location

Patient Services

  • MCW Financial Counseling 
  • Care Management
  • Financial Counseling
  • Social Services


Physicians and Staff

  • Staff who have approved Internal Occupation Health (IOH) parking in Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue can use N. 92nd Street via W. Wisconsin Avenue and access the parking structure through the new public access lane off of N. 92nd Street.
  • Shift staff can use either Froedtert Hospital Parking — Blue off of N. 92nd Street or Specialty Clinics Parking — Orange off of N. 87th Street.

N. 87th Street

Use appropriate building entrance/valet/drop-off/pick-up/self park


Adult Emergency 

Patients going to: 

  • Center for Advanced Care
  • Cancer Center
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Pavilion 
  • Eye Institute 
  • Sargeant Health Center 
  • Vision Services patients are encouraged to use Specialty Clinics Parking — Orange, or valet, patient drop-off/pick-up at Specialty Clinics Entrance.

Physicians and Staff

  • Staff traveling to FMLH campus should use N. 87th Street and park in Staff Parking (#6) or Specialty Clinics Parking (if assigned). 

Patient Transport Companies 

  • Oversized vehicles (6’ 10” and higher) must drop-off/pick-up patients using Specialty Clinics, Cancer Center, Center for Advanced Care or Pavilion entrances.

Dock Deliveries — Center for Advanced Care