Doctor Consultation

For complex care, such as cancer, neurologic or neurovascular, spine, and heart and vascular conditions, a second opinion will detail your options and help you determine the best treatment course.

For a second opinion, please call 414-805-3666.


Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many treatment options available. Any diagnosis of cancer deserves a second opinion. Our Cancer Second Opinion Program makes it easy to request a second opinion after you’ve been diagnosed with any type of cancer.

Cardiac & Vascular

If you are currently diagnosed with a heart or vascular condition, our Cardiac and Vascular Second Opinion Programs offer an easily accessible and thorough evaluation with some of the country’s best cardiac and vascular physicians. 


Patients diagnosed with many neurovascular conditions can explore additional or alternative treatment options through our Neurovascular Second Opinion Program. Our physicians are involved in the latest research and use state-of-the-science technology for diagnosis and treatment.


Spine-related problems can be complex. That’s why the diagnosis of a spine-related problem deserves a second opinion. If you’ve been diagnosed with a spine condition you may benefit greatly from a visit with our SpineCare Second Opinion Program.

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