Scheduled Virtual Doctor Visits Are:

  • A form of telemedicine where doctors and patients meet remotely, using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools.
  • Scheduled appointments that take place online with a Froedtert & MCW provider during normal clinic hours.
  • For existing and new patients. If you do not already have a provider with us, please call 414-777-7700 to get started.
  • Accomplished through MyChart messages, telephone and live video. Video through the Froedtert & MCW app is the preferred option.
  • For primary care and some specialty care appointments.

Need care now for a minor illness, such as the flu, a rash, nausea or urinary tract infection? Access our Virtual Clinic to receive treatment through your webcam for $49. Learn more about the difference between our virtual visit options.

Scheduling a Video Visit With a Doctor

Video visits are preferred through your Froedtert & MCW account and can be accessed via your mobile phone, tablet or desktop device with a camera. You will also need an internet connection and a quiet, private place where you can talk with and hear your provider. Video visits with a Froedtert & MCW provider can be scheduled for a specific time, just like an appointment in the clinic, during the same hours as your health center.

Schedule your video visit via MyChart direct scheduling on the web or the Froedtert & MCW App, or by calling your health center. You may also schedule a video visit by calling 414-777-7700.

If you have caregiver access, you can also schedule a video visit for your child.

Video visits are only available if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are physically in the state of Wisconsin at the time of your video visit, as per your provider’s medical license.

If you don't know if your condition qualifies, please call and ask.

Accessing Your Video Visit

We recommend that you access your video visit via MyChart on the Froedtert & MCW app on your smart phone, tablet or other device. This is the easiest and recommended way to connect with your provider for your visit. Search the words “Froedert&MCW” and download the app to get started. If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, you may log in to your MyChart account to access your video visit.

Be sure to use the app (not the web browser) on your phone, tablet, or device. If you have the opportunity to use the Froedtert & MCW app, this is the best way to access your visit.

What to Expect During a Video Visit

By design, video visits are similar, in both process and duration, to that of a traditional office-based visit. Medical assistants may participate in gathering information, similar to a traditional office-based visit, before you meet with your physician. If your condition requires a prescription, your provider will electronically send your prescription into your preferred pharmacy.

We recommend you access your scheduled video visit 15 minutes ahead of the appointment time.

After Your Video Visit

You and your provider may decide that you need further care following a video visit. This may include follow-up in clinic, referral to a specialty provider, lab or imaging.

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