For one local family, living an active lifestyle is in their genes – they love golf, travel, and as Lynn Galang says, “can’t sit still for long.” Unfortunately, spinal cord issues also run in the family. Lynn and her mother, Ann Hasselkus, have both participated in our SpineCare Program, an outpatient clinic in four locations that provides a transdisciplinary approach for a variety of spine problems.

Growing up, Lynn was very active. She water-skied, lifted weights and golfed. She began having hip problems in 2010 and was worried because she was planning a trip to China that would require extensive walking. She sought care at our SpineCare location in Wauwatosa.

Our team approach meant Lynn’s surgeon, physical therapists and occupational therapists could collaborate for her care. Lynn had a discectomy and foraminotomy coupled with therapy. She told her doctors that her goal was to get back to golfing, and they agreed that this was possible. “I had surgery on Monday, was pain-free by Thursday and was back to my desk at work on Friday,” she said. “I had such good results. Everything I learned helped improve my quality of life. I know that if I’m mindful, I should be good for the rest of my life.” Now, Lynn is back to golfing, working, and traveling; she made it to China in July 2011 with Ann.

Ann Galang

Ann Hasselkus, also an avid golfer, sought care at the SpineCare Clinic.

Ann is a freelance landscape architect who has traveled globally to study gardens and landscaping in countries from Antarctica to Brazil to Thailand. Many of her projects are local and include public parks, banks and grocery stores in Waukesha County.

She, like other members of her family, is also a golfer. When she started having lower back pain, she began to see Carley Sauter, MD, at our SpineCare Clinic. Dr. Sauter focuses on nonoperative care and spine rehabilitation at takes a transdisciplinary approach with other team members to encourage patients and their families to share in creating an active, individualized treatment plan through open communication and education. “Exercise isn’t exactly fun for me, but the exercise they had me do weren’t lengthy and boring. They were very doable,” Ann said.

Ann is now back to business with her landscape architecture and has another adventure on the horizon that she is planning with Lynn. “We’re going to Thailand in February, and now we can go without worrying about pain!”

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