To fully optimize patient care and outcomes, Froedtert Hospital participates in national and international research studies focused on solid organ transplant. Innovative studies conducted in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and pharmaceutical companies concentrate on discovering best-practice transplant approaches and long-term survival. 

A joint program of Children’s Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital, the Transplant Center operates with vital support by Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin for research initiatives and tissue typing.

Many important breakthroughs in transplant care are credited to our transplant physicians since Froedtert Hospital’s program began in 1967. For example, our researchers have been leaders in developing advanced treatments that help remedy donor incompatibility due to differing blood types (ABO incompatibility).They also pioneered a blood test process, called virtual cross-match, used to assess the compatibility of a transplant candidate and a potential donor.

Through our own and national research studies, we also look for new ways to prevent diseases from leading to transplant, and we look for new medications and therapies to help patients after a transplant. We never stop looking for ways to improve the care we offer our patients. The ultimate goal is to optimize long-term transplant survival.

Many of our transplant programs have significant research under way.

Heart and Lung Research

Many research studies and clinical trials investigating cardiovascular health, including those diseases that can lead to transplant, are underway and available for eligible patients.

Kidney Transplant Research  

Researchers at Froedtert Hospital are actively engaged in ongoing research, including studies of newer immunosuppressant drugs, recurrent disease and polyoma viruses.

Polyoma virus study. Polyoma viruses can cause clinical disease among transplant patients with suppressed immune systems and lead to transplant failure. By aggressively monitoring patients’ DNA to detect BK virus nephritis and following with prompt treatment, we have seen a substantial reduction of transplant failure due to BK virus nephritis.

Liver and Pancreas Transplant Research

Many research studies and clinical trials investigating hepatitis, immunosuppression, diabetes, function and other areas pertinent to liver disease, pancreas function and transplant are underway and available for eligible patients.

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