Electrophysiologists are cardiologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias, AFib) caused by problems with the heart’s electrical system. Arrhythmia Program physicians are board-certified cardiologists with subspecialty training in electrophysiology and are part of the Medical College of Wisconsin faculty. 

Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiology/Cardiovascular Medicine
Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiology/Cardiovascular Medicine

Arrhythmia Program Nurse Practitioners

Other Heart and Vascular Physician Team Members

Depending on your needs, your care team may include electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons and other heart and vascular experts.

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Safe and convenient virtual visits by video let you get the care you need via a mobile device, tablet or computer wherever you are. We'll assess your condition and develop a treatment plan right away. To schedule a virtual visit, call 414-777-7700.

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