We understand each patient is different, and we work to tailor treatment to your individual needs. We firmly believe your mental well-being is a vital part of your total health care. Our staff is committed to providing high quality, ethical and timely care in a confidential manner and comfortable environment.

Behavioral Health Staff

Our behavioral health staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatric nurses and clinical social workers, each with a different expertise to offer when caring for patients.

Our interdisciplinary team also includes recreational therapists, occupational therapists, mental health technicians and advanced practice nurses, all focused on behavioral health.


A psychiatrist is a physician (MD) who is licensed to practice medicine and surgery and who has special training in behavioral health. Psychiatrists are often best able to work with people who have both physical and behavioral health problems. A psychiatrist can prescribe medications, order physical diagnostic test and admit people to hospitals.
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A psychologist has PhD, which is usually eight years of college. He or she has special knowledge in the field of psychological testing and psychotherapy. Psychological tests are used to aid in understanding a particular problem and the help develop treatment plans.
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A psychotherapist has a Master’s degree, which is usually six years of college. He or she has special knowledge and training in the areas of counseling and psychotherapy. In addition, psychotherapists have knowledge of community resources. People who need services that cannot be provided by our clinic can be assisted in finding help.
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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with an advanced degree (usually a master’s degree or PhD) who specializes in preventing, treating and diagnosing behavioral health issues. A nurse practitioner can prescribe medications to patients.

Psychiatric Nurse

A psychiatric nurse has experience assessing behavioral health needs as well as medical concerns of individuals receiving treatment in our clinic. The nurse, working with the psychiatrist, offers education regarding medication, coping mechanisms and community resources.