By offering the best possible care for patients with end-stage liver disease, we help some avoid transplantation while ensuring that patients who need a transplant are in optimal health at the time of their procedure.

Excellent End-Stage Care Is Vital to Transplant Success

Specialists at Froedtert Hospital have expertise in all conditions that could lead to liver failure and the need for transplant. The multidisciplinary team at our Gastroenterology/Hepatology Clinic evaluates each patient to determine the optimal treatment approach. If transplant is indicated, team members coordinate all aspects of care.

Our end-stage liver disease experts, working with colleagues in liver transplant surgery and other vital areas, are nationally recognized physicians. Our dedicated staff, including nurses and physicians assistants, specializes in caring for patients with cirrhosis and other end-stage or chronic liver disease, and those in need of pre- or post-liver transplant care.

Causes of Liver Failure

There are many causes of liver disease that can lead to liver failure. The most common causes are:

  • Acute liver failure
  • Bile duct diseases
  • Cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive use of alcohol
  • Hepatitis C
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Liver Transplantation for Liver Malignancies

Another possible indication for liver transplantation is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common primary liver cancer.

Patients who receive a liver transplant for early HCC enjoy excellent survival in the short and long term. The care of patients with HCC is complex and involves several steps to treat and keep the tumor within the liver transplant criteria. Our multidisciplinary program offers all the expertise necessary to achieve this goal.

We also perform liver transplants for other less common liver cancers that meet certain criteria. Our multidisciplinary team carefully reviews the details of each patient’s cancer diagnosis, such as cholangiocarcinoma or metastatic neuroendocrine tumors, to determine if liver transplantation is the best option for the patient.

Our surgeons and caregivers have extensive experience and expertise in liver and bile duct surgery procedures for liver cancer treatment, liver tumors, end-stage liver disease and liver transplant. From open surgery to minimally invasive laparoscopic liver surgery, program surgeons provide the full range of procedures, from the most common to the latest surgical advancements. Surgery team members participate in cutting-edge research and train future surgeons in best practice treatment approaches.

To learn more, see our liver cancer FAQ videos which include several liver surgery topics.