Froedtert Hospital Foundation, the charitable arm of Froedtert Hospital, provides support for the highly specialized care, research and teaching that distinguish eastern Wisconsin's only academic medical center.

You play a critical role in our ability to sustain and enhance the research, specialization and technology that allow us to advance patient care. Thanks to donors like you, we can ensure the most advanced education for physicians, nurses and clinical staff, fund the latest in research and technology and offer the most comprehensive medical treatment in the region in a healing environment for patients.

Give. The best care begins with you.

Hope to Health 

What do you hope for? We launched the campaign for the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital to turn the hope that we all share into the health we all deserve. We know it takes bold investments and a shared commitment to sustain the advances we’ve already made—and to meet every challenge the future will bring. If the search for better treatments slows or stops, if we can’t solve shortages in the healthcare workforce, if the best clinicians and scientists are leaving the state, then the health of all Wisconsinites will suffer.

The Campaign for MCW and Froedtert Hospital is an unprecedented philanthropic initiative to support our commitment to building healthy and thriving communities. You can have an impact on the future we’re building. Your support can help us find the discoveries that lead to new, more effective treatments. Your partnership can help us ensure that our community has access to advanced and comprehensive healthcare. Your investment can help train a new generation of highly skilled healthcare professionals who are prepared to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Hope to Health starts with all of us. Together, we can power the future. Together, we can transform hope into health for our region, our state and beyond.


Support the Hope to Health Campaign

With your support, we’re committed to solving the toughest problems confronting human health—at every stage of the life cycle—and with an unwavering dedication to turn hope into health.

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