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SIMCenter Donations Honor Adam Max Berger

What happened to Adam Max Berger is truly a tragedy, taking from the world an indomitable spirit. What happened in the aftermath is truly inspiring and, ultimately, lifesaving. Adam, the son of David and Mara Berger and the stepson of Cindy Berger, died of complications from bacterial meningitis at a Chicago-area hospital in 2014 after his diagnosis was unconfirmed. His family knew they didn't want this to happen to another family, and when they learned about the new Simulation Center at Froedtert Hospital they knew how they could help save lives. 

The Simulation Center, or SIMCenter, features hospital rooms and a working surgical suite where collaborative skills are fostered in fully realized patient environments. The new center was built to train physicians and staff in real-life scenarios using high-tech mannequins, live actors, and various other state-of-the-art educational tools. And now, Adam's story is incorporated into a training scenario which teaches emergency room staff how to save lives like Adam's.

The Bergers were in for a surprise after the SIMCenter opened. “We were told that there have been at least one or two cases already where a life has been saved because of the use of Adam’s experience and the resulting simulation,” said David, with Cindy adding, “That was just tear-jerking, and for our family, it’s very meaningful.”

The Berger Family were so moved that they made a generous investment in the program by creating the Adam Max Berger Memorial Fund to benefit the Froedtert Hospital SIMCenter.

You can help them support this important program by making a gift to the SIMCenter. And you can read more about Adam's legacy, in the upcoming 2017 Thank You Report for Froedtert Hospital Foundation which will be released soon.

To learn more about the SIMCenter visit our SIMCenter page or call Jyl Brentana, Director of Annual Giving at 414-955-4501.

Donations made to honor physicians on National Doctors’ Day

In honor of national Doctors’ Day, celebrated on March 30, the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Office of Development and the Froedtert Hospital Foundation (FHF) invited individuals to “Honor a Doctor” by making a donation to MCW or FHF in the name of a deserving physician.

The day was first celebrated nationally in 1991 to recognize our nation’s physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.

On this day and throughout the year, donations were made to recognize these Froedtert & MCW physicians, scientists and individuals:

Dr. Gary W. Abrams

Dr. James J. Ackmann*

Dr. Mark B. Adams*

Dr. E. James Aiman*

Dr. Heidi L. Alvey

Dr. Marc H. Anderson

Dr. Piero G. Antuono

Dr. Carlos E. Arce-Lara

Dr. Ehab L. Atallah

Dr. Tom P. Aufderheide

Dr. Brett A. Barkimer

Dr. Edward M. Barnett

Dr. Roger Beaumont

Dr. Marshall A. Beckman

Dr. Hiram B. Benjamin*

Dr. Marcie G. Berger

Dr. Steven R. Bergquist

Dr. Joanne L. Bernstein

Dr. Julie A. Biller

Dr. Erin Bishop

Dr. Karen A. Blindauer

Dr. T. Michael Bolger

Dr. Douglas J. Bower

Dr. John D. Burfeind

Dr. Paul Burger

Dr. William H. Burns*

Dr. Michael L. Cada

Dr. Bruce H. Campbell

Dr. A. John Capelli*

Dr. Guillermo F. Carrera

Dr. James M. Cerletty

Dr. John A. Charlson

Dr. Yee Chung Cheng

Dr. Christopher Chitambar

Dr. Asriani M. Chiu

Dr. Kathleen K. Christians

Dr. Michael P. Cinquegrani

Dr. Mary E. Cohan*

Dr. Michael Collins

Dr. Michael C. Collopy

Dr. Jennifer M. Connelly

Dr. Thomas B. Connor

Dr. Edward Cope

Dr. Aaron T. Dall

Dr. Joseph C. Darin*

Dr. David deDianous

Dr. Mohan S. Dhariwal

Dr. Christina Dzubinski

Dr. Mary Eapen

Dr. Lee G. Eby*

Dr. Peter Eichenseer

Dr. Rachel E.K. Eisenberg

Dr. David E. Engle

Dr. David J. Engstrand

Dr. William W. Engstrom*

Dr. Beth A. Erickson

Dr. Nancy B. Esterly

Dr. Douglas B. Evans

Dr. Carrie Falk*

Dr. Timothy S. Fenske

Dr. Juan Figueroa

Dr. James W. Findling

Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald

Dr. Brian-Fred Fitzsimmons

Dr. Nancy K. France

Dr. Jose Franco

Dr. Malgorzata B. Franczak

Dr. John J. "Jack" Frederick*

Dr. Wendel M. Friedl

Dr. Nunzio A. Gaglianello

Dr. Kathryn M. Gauthier

Dr. Ben Jacob George

Dr. Aron Geurts

Dr. Rick D. Gillis

Dr. Ian Gilson

Dr. Steven I. Grindel

Dr. Josette B. Grossberg*

Dr. Michael Guralnick

Dr. Thomas Gvora

Dr. George B. Haasler

Dr. Donald A. Hackbarth, Jr.

Dr. William A. Hall

Dr. Paul B. Halverson

Dr. Sayed Mehdi H. Hamadani

Dr. Lyle H. Hamilton

Dr. Dennis P. Han

Dr. Parameswaran N. Hari

Dr. Amy K. Harker-Murray

Dr. Gerald J. Harris

Dr. Gary M. Herdrich

Dr. Scott C. Hicks

Dr. Drew R Hieptas

Dr. Bradley C. Hiner

Dr. Walter J. Hogan

Dr. Johnny C. Hong

Dr. Kenneth M. Jacobsohn

Dr. Christopher P. Johnson

Dr. John P. Kampine

Dr. Matthew S. Karafin

Dr. Julia M. Kasprzak

Dr. Thomas M. Kidder

Dr. Judy Kim

Dr. John P. Klein*

Dr. Andrew M. Knoernschild

Dr. Paul E. Knudson

Dr. Steven Koenig

Dr. Amanda L. Kong

Dr. Katja Kovacic

Dr. Erica L. Kroncke

Dr. Julie A. Kummer Paar*

Dr. Shekar N. Kurpad

Dr. Peter Langenstroer

Dr. Colleen A.F. Lawton

Dr. Cheong J. Lee

Dr. Roger H. Lehman*

Dr. Derward Lepley, Jr.*

Dr. William J. Listwan

Dr. Mark W. Lodes

Dr. Todd A. Loehrl

Dr. Kirk A. Ludwig

Dr. John R. Lynch

Dr. Stacy L. Lynch

Dr. Diana L. Maas

Dr. Steven Magill

Dr. Michael J. Malinowski

Dr. David A. Margolis

Dr. David S. Marks

Dr. Becky L. Massey

Dr. Vincent P. Mathews

Dr. Randy C. Mathewson

Dr. Carol M. Meils

Dr. Gale L. Mendeloff*

Dr. Joshua A. Meskin

Dr. Sarah Bellin Meuler

Dr. Laura Michaelis

Dr. Nelson Moffat

Dr. Wade M. Mueller

Dr. Martin D. Muntz

Dr. Kevin J. Murray*

Dr. Jennifer M. Nagy

Dr. John C. Neilson

Dr. Edward M. Nelsen-Freund

Dr. P. Andrew Nelson

Dr. Marcelle Neuburg

Dr. James T. Ninomiya

Dr. Edit B. Olasz

Dr. Irene M. O'Shaughnessy

Dr. Christopher J. Painter

Dr. Marcelo C. Pasquini

Dr. Joseph M. Pawlowski*

Dr. Paul Joseph Pearson

Dr. Wendy L. Peltier

Dr. Anthony V. Pisciotta*

Dr. Kenneth W. Presberg

Dr. Robert A. Pribek*

Dr. Denise A. Teves Qualler

Dr. Brian W. Quinn

Dr. Russell A. Quirk*

Dr. Ramani Ramchandran

Dr. Bernd Remler

Dr. Veronica Renov

Dr. Edward G. Reshel

Dr. Michael J. Richter*

Dr. Paul S. Ritch

Dr. Peter J. Rossi

Dr. Matan R. Rothschild

Dr. Allan M. Roza

Dr. Jason C. Rubenstein

Dr. Thomas J. Russell

Dr. Lawrence M. Ryan

Dr. Ehab R. Saad

Dr. Kia Saeian

Dr. Patrick P. Sanvanson

Dr. Carley N. Sauter

Dr. Kathleen B. Sawasky

Dr. Robert D. Schmidt

Dr. John H. Schneider

Dr. Jeffrey P. Schwab

Dr. Joseph M. Schwab

Dr. William A. See, II

Dr. Yuri Sekigami

Dr. Steven R. Sewall

Dr. Aparna Shah

Dr. David Sherman*

Dr. Kenneth B. Simons

Dr. Malini Sims

Dr. James J. Smith*

Dr. Nancy E. Sobczak*

Dr. Manila Sodhi

Dr. Konrad H. Soergel*

Dr. Peggy A. Stickney

Dr. James P. Thomas

Dr. Mary J. Thomson

Dr. Robert J. Toohill*

Dr. Donald D. Tresch*

Dr. Susan Tsai

Dr. Kenneth J. Urlakis, Jr.

Dr. Denise Uyar

Dr. Rajiv R. Varma

Dr. Thangam Venkatesan

Dr. H. Mowat "Moe" Waldren, Jr.*

Dr. Alonzo P. Walker

Dr. Patrick R. Walsh

Dr. David C. Warltier

Dr. John A. Weigelt

Dr. Jacqueline J. Wertsch

Dr. Geoffrey O. Wilkes

Dr. Barbara D. Wilson

Dr. Bruce C. Wilson*

Dr. Charles R. Wilson

Dr. J. Frank Wilson

Dr. Stuart D. Wilson

Dr. William J. Wirostko

Dr. Trudy G. Wong

Dr. Yee Lan Wong

Dr. Andrea L. Woodard

Dr. John C. Wynsen

Dr. James E. Youker

Dr. Osama Zaidat

Dr. Walter Zeit*

Dr. Michael A. Zimmerman


If you would like to make a donation to honor a physician, please contact Jyl Brentana, director of annual giving, 414-955-4501 or You can also donate online through our secure web sites. The physician your donation honors will receive a letter alerting him or her to your gift.

Make a donation to honor a physician through the Froedtert Hospital Foundation site

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