Our goal is to ensure that the referral and ordering process is simple and ensures patient care is delivered in an efficient manner.

Call our Central Intake team at 262-532-5124 or fax a referral to 262-532-5114 to coordinate home infusion care for your patients.

We also have Clinical Nurse Liaisons that help with the referral and onboarding process. Contact our registered nurses directly at 414-805-2002.

  • Patients: We accept patients from all health systems and providers. You do not need to be in the Froedtert & MCW health system network to refer a patient.
  • Payer Mix: We are in-network with all large national payers, and many regional payers seen within the Southeastern Wisconsin service area.
  • Service Area: We service patients across the state of Wisconsin.

Therapies Provided by Froedtert Home Infusion

Our staff are available 24/7/365 to help answer your questions.

Authorization Process for Home Infusion Services

Typically within three to five days, we are able to confirm insurance coverage and authorization. Once we receive authorization, we will contact the patient to enroll them in a co-pay assistance program, if available, and schedule them for their first infusion in our infusion suite or in their home. We will communicate with the care team as appropriate or as requested.

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Why You Should Refer Your Patient to Froedtert Home Infusion

  • Safe and easy: Home infusion has been around for over 40 years, as many conditions requiring these therapies don't require that you be at a hospital. Home infusion allows patient to receive care where it is most comfortable and convenient for them.
  • Preparation and training: Our team meets with patient before he/she leaves the hospital or clinic. Your patient has access to a pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support their therapy. We will work as a conduit between you, the patient, and any homecare or caregiver assistance. We provide expert verbal and written education and training to patients to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The Froedtert Home Infusion team members are infusion experts.
  • Monitoring: Our pharmacists work closely with home care nurses and providers ensure patient labs ordered and monitored appropriately. We will review patient’s lab work and make sure that the therapy patient received is safe and optimal.

For more information on Froedtert Home Infusion services, please contact our specialists at 262-532-5124.

Frequently Asked Questions