Pharmacists at the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network provide care in a variety of settings:

  • Ambulatory clinics
  • Emergency department
  • Inpatient central operations
  • Inpatient decentralized
  • Outpatient infusion clinic
  • Outpatient oncology clinics
  • Outpatient retail, infusion services, medication access, home delivery and specialty
  • Perioperative

Other services include:

  • Center for medication use
  • Stewardship programs
    • Antimicrobial 
    • Anticoagulation
    • Pain
  • Investigational drug services
  • Pharmacy informatics

Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Froedtert Health Pharmacy Solutions (FHPS)

FHPS provides outpatient health care services including medication fulfillment, specialty, infusion, clinical programs, and medication and benefits assistance. 

Froedtert Pharmacy Medication Fulfillment Services

  • There are 14 Froedtert Pharmacies and one Prescription Center located throughout Eastern Wisconsin.
  • The Froedtert Home Delivery Pharmacy ships to eight states and is available at no additional cost to patients.
  • Discharge/bedside delivery is offered at each hospital location.
  • 24/7/365 services are available at the Froedtert Pharmacy – Froedtert Hospital.
  • Additional information on locations and hours can be found at
  • Froedtert Pharmacies located within Froedtert Hospital, Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital, and Froedtert West Bend Hospital are accredited by Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), allowing Medicare Part B Billing for approved durable medical equipment (DME) products; additional locations are being credentialed to bill Medicare Part B medications.
  • Additional services available include Medication Therapy Management, Immunizations, Quality Interventions, Auto-Refill, and Medication Synchronization.
  • Froedtert Pharmacies are fully integrated with the electronic health record (EHR), using Epic’s Willow Ambulatory Outpatient Pharmacy Management Module; patients are able to use the Froedtert & MCW App, which includes Epic’s MyChart, to manage their medications, including requesting prescription refills and receiving medication notifications and reminders.
  • Pharmacy staff working in medication fulfillment with FHPS are responsible for:
    • Prescription data entry, claims adjudication, medication profile review, assessment for clinical appropriateness, identification of interactions or possible adverse events, collaborating with interdisciplinary team members, product dispensing, final product verification, cash handling and point-of-sale transactions, counseling patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications
    • Medication access support for patients by utilizing available resources, such as Benefits Investigation, Patient Assistance Programs, electronic Prior Authorization (e-PA), Froedtert Rx Savings Plan, approved interchange polices, and programs, such as the Drug Repository Program, Diabetic Smart Start and Discount Programs.
    • Per Wisconsin State Law, pharmacists are required to counsel on new prescriptions, when therapy changes are made, when requested by the patient or patient agent or when the pharmacist deems necessary.  Froedtert pharmacists provide counseling for both new and refill prescriptions.

Froedtert Pharmacy Specialty Services

  • The Froedtert Pharmacy Specialty team works closely with the patient’s care team to provide accurate and timely access to therapy.  Clinically trained pharmacists support patients with medication management services, reviewing medical records, coordinating prescription renewals, obtaining insurance coverage or financial assistance, and contacting patients to discuss their medication regimens each month. The Froedtert Specialty Pharmacy is dual-accredited by URAC and ACHC and was named as a 2022 Pioneer in URAC’s Leaders in Performance Management Recognition Program. 

Froedtert Pharmacy Medication and Benefits Assistance

  • The Medication Access Team (MAT) provides the following support services:
    • Prior Authorizations Patient Assistance
    • Medication Renewals

Froedtert Infusion Services

  • Provides traditional and specialty infusion services including Hospice, to patients from the comfort of their own home or at one of Froedtert’s infusion suites.
  • The Infusion team includes pharmacists along with registered nurses. Service coverage spans the state of Wisconsin. 
  • Froedtert Infusion Pharmacy is accredited by the Joint Commission for home care services and is a certified Medicare provider for DME.

Ambulatory Clinics

Pharmacists are integrated into both primary care and specialty clinics across the Froedtert Health enterprise. Primary care pharmacists cover over 40 primary care clinics and specialty clinic pharmacists support over 10 specialty areas. The ambulatory pharmacy department also comprises of the Anticoagulation Clinics (a multi-disciplinary team of pharmacists, nurses and pharmacy technicians) and the pharmacist-led Anemia Clinic. Ambulatory clinic pharmacists provide care to patients with a variety of chronic conditions through the use of Collaborative Practice Agreements with physicians. Ambulatory pharmacy care is delivered to patients through office and virtual visits as well as telephone encounters. In addition to direct provider referrals, ambulatory pharmacists work with nurses and medical assistants on enterprise-wide population management initiatives focused on a variety of disease states such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, COPD/asthma, and HIV PrEP. Ambulatory pharmacists at Froedtert work closely with the pharmacy technician prior authorization team, as well as pharmacists within the Froedtert Health retail and specialty pharmacies to ensure patient access to medications.

Ambulatory care clinics with pharmacist services include: Anemia, Anticoagulation, Behavioral Health, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Geriatrics, GI/Hepatology, Infectious Diseases, Infusion Clinic, Inclusion Clinic, Neurology, Oncology, Pharmacogenomics, Preoperative Services, Primary Care, Pulmonary Clinic, Rheumatology and Solid Organ Transplant.

Inpatient Pharmacies and Sterile Products Compounding

Froedtert Hospital has four inpatient/infusion pharmacy locations onsite including the Central Pharmacy, the Cancer Center Pharmacy, the Perioperative Pharmacy, and the General Infusion Pharmacy. Central Pharmacy is staffed 24 hours a day with Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to provide safe and efficient patient care.  Central Pharmacy is responsible for all medication fulfillment and distribution utilizing advanced technology platforms including Epic dispense prep, photo-capture, logistics inventory, barcode scanning technology, carousel storage, rover systems, and high-speed packager automation. Overnight services provide clinical and operational patient care services for all non-ICU and ED locations within Froedtert Hospital. 

All pharmacy locations have perpetual inventory and all products are dispensed utilize barcode scanning to track all products throughout the medication management process. First dose and automated dispensing cabinet replenishment are optimized through an established tech-check-tech program to alleviate pharmacist workload and optimize clinical services. Sterile products are compounded in all pharmacy locations following USP 797 and 800 regulations with photo capture technology. Hazardous medications for inpatient and outpatient utilization are compounded in the Cancer Center Pharmacy where a chemotherapy compounding robot is leveraged to improve efficiencies and safety.

Decentralized Pharmacy Teams (Inpatient Pharmacists)

Pharmacists are an important part of the specialized inpatient care teams who provide comprehensive clinical services and patient education in the acute care setting. Pharmacists on inpatient teams participate in daily multidisciplinary and patient care rounds, verify physician orders, provide therapeutic drug monitoring, respond to medical emergencies (codes), conduct patient medication histories, perform medication reconciliation and provide discharge counseling. Medication Access Specialists are specialized pharmacy technicians who support pharmacists by assisting with admission medication histories and discharge planning.

Decentralized pharmacy teams support all care areas which include Hematology/Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplant, Neurology and Neurosurgical Intensive Care, Surgery and Surgical Intensive Care, Adult Internal Medicine and Medical Intensive Care, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Solid Organ Transplant, Orthopedics, Inpatient Rehabilitation, the Emergency Department and the Operating Room.

Center for Medication Use

The Center for Medication Use team promotes the safe, effective and fiscally responsible use of medications across the Froedtert & MCW health network. Core functions include maintaining a system-aligned formulary, continual monitoring of medication use patterns, vigilance of safe medication use, oversight of medication guidelines, protocols, collaborative practice agreements and clinical pathways, and development and maintenance of infusion pump libraries, drug information resources and communication tools. The Center also has specialized teams in the areas of anticoagulation, antimicrobial and pain stewardship to promote the safe and effective use of these agents.

Pharmacy Informatics

Froedtert uses Epic to house its electronic health records across its hospital, ambulatory clinic and outpatient pharmacy locations. The Pharmacy Informatics and Epic Willow teams manage, implement, and design automation and technology including the electronic health record, distributive technologies, and ancillary programs across the Froedtert and the Medical College enterprise. The team is primarily responsible for Epic Willow Inpatient application, Epic Willow Ambulatory application, medication-related ancillary application and medication related reporting and training of pharmacy staff.

Teaching and Precepting

The Froedtert Pharmacy Department partners with the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, Concordia University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy as a training site for experiential education. Froedtert Health offers a wide-variety of introductory and advanced practice experiences, including our Student Scholars program where P4 students complete the majority of their advanced pharmacy practice experiences at either Froedtert Hospital or Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital.

There are many opportunities for pharmacists and residents to teach, precept and mentor pharmacy students. Froedtert & MCW health network offers practice sites for faculty members from both the Medical College of Wisconsin Pharmacy School and Concordia University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2023 Anticoagulation (AC Forum) TRAIN Grant Award 
    Award provides funding to establish and support a PGY2 Thrombosis and Hemostasis Management Pharmacy Residency Program 
    Contributors: Mikie Te Ronde, Jen Hardman, Ben Jung, Lisa Baumann-Kreuziger
  • 2022 ASHP Foundation Pharmacy Resident Research Grant
    Recipients: Justin Grahl, PGY1 Resident, William Peppard, Senior Investigator
    Study Title: Pharmacogentic Evaluation of Hospitalized Patients Requiring Naloxone Administration
  • 2015 ASHP Best Practice Award
    Expanding Pharmacy Practice through the Utilization of Longitudinal Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Students
  • 2013 ASHP Best Practice Award
    Institutional and Patient Benefits of a Comprehensive Medication Prior Authorization Service
  • 2011 ASHP Best Practice Award
    Project PRIMED (Pharmacist Reconciliation and Medication Education at Discharge)
  • 2007 ASHP Best Practice Award
    Improving Patient Safety through Implementation of a Pharmacy Conducted Admission Medication History and Multidisciplinary Discharge Medication Reconciliation Process

We offer the excitement of working at an academic medical center, where teaching and research are integral to patient care. Clinical pharmacists are important members of the team, teaching medical residents, pharmacy students and pharmacy residents. If you are interested in using your skills, growing, learning and being part of an exceptional pharmacy team, we invite you to apply to one of our pharmacy residency programs!

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Froedtert & MCW Pharmacy Residency Programs Diversity Statement

The Froedtert & MCW Pharmacy Residency Program is committed to recruiting and training pharmacists from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value the different perspectives each resident offers. In training pharmacists as one of the most accessible members on the health care team, a diverse workforce is essential to advance the health of the patients we serve.